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Salsa bursts into London

The Clave Latina Festival will take place in London from 7th to 9th of June to promote the artistic wealth of one of the most famous Latin American rhythms today.


Clave Latina Festival  2The festival promotes and emphasizes the cultural, artistic and historic wealth of salsa, as a popular expressive genre, in the United Kingdom,

Many important aspects have given authenticity to this artistic movement; a tradition which demonstrates cultural importance and strength in avoiding adaptations and degenerations, in surviving and being preserved despite new trends in modern times.

To keep this tradition alive, the event will include dance and music workshops, concerts, talks, exhibitions and activities that focus on contemporary music and the dance genre known as Salsa.

Clave Latina Festival  7Salsa as a genre has grown steadily since the 70’s and the year 2000 thanks to figures such as Rey Ruiz, Luis Enrique, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuelle, Celia Cruz or Maelo Ruiz.

The Clave Latina Festival, created and developed by Ola Latina, will begin on the 7th of June in London and will be attended by renowned international artists from Latin America, Europe and the United States.

The style will be similar to that of Conjunto Sabroso, one of the most renowned and popular Latin bands from London whose style is unique in the United Kingdom.

Clave Latina Festival  6The festival will also be attended by Loli Dianez (Spain), Alejando Rasero (Spain), Mouaze Konate (France), Josue Joseph (USA), Gabriel Maccioni (Italy), Valentina Palma (UK/Columbia), Enrico Cerabona (Italy), Laura Cerabona (Italy), Frank Santos (Dominican Republic), Julie Camus (France), Otra danz (UK), and, amongst many others, Eldina Munatajeva (Estonia).

Fans of electronic music will have the chance to enjoy DJ El Chino (Columbia), Dj Gabriel (France), Dj Julian “The Duke” (Columbia), Dj Dani K (France), Dj Eric “The Saint” (Dominican Republic), Dj Julian MRM (Columbia), DJ MR Bilongo (Columbia), DJ Urbano (Dominican Republic), Dj Mandy (Bolivia), Dj Ooo (Australia) and Dj Peynao er Bachatero (Spain).

The new edition Latin Festival, created and developed by Ola Latina, will begin next 7th of June in London and will finish on the 9th of June.

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(Translated by Rachel Sharp)







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