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An urban show for Muslim women

On the 15h of June, at Novotel London West, there will be talks, exhibitions and performances with the aim of motivating Muslim women to strive for their rights and freedom.



mujer musulmana 1This new version of “The Urban Muslim woman’s show” has been designed to reassert and promote the social roles of Muslim women and to extend their economic, cultural and political status beyond family and community life.

The first show of its kind to be held in London will be open to associations, students, professionals, and anyone interested in the promotion of women’s gender rights.

The event aims to motivate Muslim women to increase their own autonomy along with their social and work-related aspirations. The successes of recent protests in Arab countries such as Egypt or Libya have made a clear impact on public awareness of the charismatic role shown by Muslim women.

mujer musulmana 5Some of such female citizens have taken to the streets to claim their rights and liberties, along with demanding a democratic society, one that, among other things is free, just and egalitarian.

Important steps in the advocacy of women’s rights have been recently approved. In March of this year, the United Nations (UN) requested the eradication of violence against women and a declaration on the matter was signed for the first time in the Muslim countries of Iran, Libya and Sudan among other countries.

This UN document declares that violence against women and young girls can no longer be justified as an act of “Custom, tradition, or religious consideration.”

mujer musulmana 10An agreement, which according to the executive director of the UN- Women, Michelle Bachelet, is “historic”, and is being made, despite other conservative states having objected to the section on the right to abortion and asserted “The right that the husband should exert over the woman.”

These disagreements reflect the delicate situation of many women in countries such as Saudi Arabia. This is a region where 80% of women are victims of domestic violence and are forced to live under male-dominated laws.

mujer musulmana 2For example, they are unable to leave the house without being accompanied by a male relative, they are not allowed to travel without approval from their husbands and they cannot show their faces in public.

Realities such as this go against agreements such as the “Convention for the Elimination of any Form of Discrimination against Women” and for this reason actions and protests are being called for in order to defend their rights.

Tmujer musulmana 9he Urban Muslim Woman Show is one of such movements. The function which has previously been hosted twice before will be offering motivational talks, expositions and performances all directed at women.

The day will be hosted at  Novotel London West on the 15th of June.

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