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Black market: sin, power & impunity

Mercado negro10By competing with some of the most important global economies, these businesses now cover large areas with its cargo of sins, as is the case with illegal drug trade.



Roberto F. Fields


Mercado negro5The black market or underground economy is a term used to describe the illegal marketing of goods, products and services, violating pricing or rationing imposed by governments or businesses.

Even though it is considered that this economy provides about 1800 million jobs.

Despite fortuitous solutions of this kind of economy for many people, the first lines of its indicators are on drugs, piracy and human trafficking.

Entrepreneurs with immense fortunes may well mean white collar bandits supported by a complicated mechanism which can benefit them substantial sums from evil.

Mercado negro13This analysed economy, not only resists the crisis, but takes advantage of it and grows, as in regard to trade in illegal goods and services, to be placed in this informal and illegal manner in important steps in the overall statistics.

Facts from The Economist argue that only the five largest illegal markets in the world move around 475 billion euros a year, able to overcome the riches of some 170 countries and territories.

Figures and analysis

gunshopsIn regard to drug trafficking, it generates about 240 billion per year, according to The Economist. The paper also warns that statistics can fall short when it comes to accounting for this part of the black market.

To count the “benefits” of drug trafficking is almost impossible because the estimates are based on the amounts of illicit substances seized by the police force.

It follows drug trafficking, piracy and copying of branded items, video games or movies, which mobilizes around 187 billion euros per year. The other step is provided by the traffic in human beings and animals, with values ​​of 23 billion and 15 billion respectively.

Mercado negro8On that list of illegal sales is the marketing of illicit petroleum with a value of 8.2 billion, followed by illegal fishing, indiscriminate felling of trees and smuggling of human organs.

The probes that support the article on global economy, declared Spain as the country that has the largest drug trafficking, prostitution or piracy, therefore point to it as a paradise for illegalities, confirmed by an international study by consultancy Havocscope.

According to the office, the black market in the Iberian nation reaches the equivalent of 2000 euros per capita, including children and elderly.

But America is not far behind in the statistics, as it reaches 1500 euros per person each year in this area, while in Mexico it is 1000 euros per person.

Mercado negro1Yahoo Finance says the United States is the fourth-largest black market in the world, in 2012 alone drug trafficking, counterfeiting, piracy and prostitution moved into the northern nation of 123 billion euros.

This economic phenomenon arises in times of crisis or tough control periods of the economy and trade, in response to the lack of basic necessities.

Under such circumstances, the sellers are willing to break the law in order to achieve higher profits while buyers are forced to pay higher prices because of their needs.

Mercado negro14The black market is not inclined only to staples like at the time and place it happened, or occurs, with tobacco and alcohol: it also takes into account the introduction of illegal products, and covers the sale of drugs, weapons and other substances.

Economists also identified currency exchanges as part of this illicit market, considered as black market operations.

Some states adopt inflationary policies and try to disguise their own responsibility for the deterioration of a coin. Therefore, this market is an irreverence toward civic responsibilities in terms of economic duties, but is also practiced by authorities.

During times of global crisis, as regards the planet since 2008, this type of economic system is highlighted. (PL)


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