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USA: the art of lying

Our teenage “tough” hero Rock Hudson is changing. He is remembered from the film “Giant” as one giant. Marilyn Monroe seemed to do all sorts of things, but survived because she wrote good poetry.



USA- el arte de mentir4Armando Orozco


Interesting things can be seen throughout Fragments (edited by Bernard Comment and Stanley Buchthal) – “Last night I was awake all night again. Sometimes I wonder what the night time is for. It almost doesn’t exist for me – it all seems like one long, long horrible day.”

“Scream – you began and ended… Everything has been nothing but a big lie…” Similarly, liberty in the USA is wrongly associated with the belief that everyone is free. It is rather associated with money and tin consumption. There is no democracy without money; As Shakespeare stated at one of his plays, “Thus much of this will make black white, foul fair, wrong right, base noble, old young, coward valiant”.

This northern country also seems to be in charge of a black… but white. And one should not forget what Faulkner said: “Black people become so annoyed by the fact that they greatly resemble the white people.”

USA- el arte de mentir1USA continues to be a major Hollywood film. Being a child, everything in this film seemed to be real, while eating popcorn in the dark and watching how cares for this world were silently built in our heads. Africa did not exist, but Tarzan did and we did not know. Was Superman real or fictional? Is news real or fake?

My five-year old grandson Manuel asked me a question I was not able to answer (likewise, when I am asked to say if this country is also democratic) – is the meaning of being Colombian is an act of faith, like Jorge Luis Borges said in his story, Ulrikke?

I am not sure about anything right now. The only thing I am certain about is the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. What can it be more real than that? Or, do these democratic bombings of Japan constitute a lie as well? If so, why do people not march in memory of this crime against humanity every day?

USA- el arte de mentir 8Was Marilyn’s “Happy birthday, Mr. President” real or fake? What a question! Or, is Clinton’s sexual scandal yet another joke? If that is the case, why did Clinton continue as the president of this perfect strait-laced nation? It may be because he cried and refused so many times in front of the cameras that he was not guilty… In a country, where lying before the law and God, and in front of the cameras is not accepted.

Was it a gringo that arrived on the moon? Did 9/11 really happen? Or, did the Americans stage it themselves in order to be left with the oil from the Middle East? Nowadays, there are those who have doubts over the fall of the Caribbean Maximum Leader.

USA- el arte de mentir8This oversight (not of destiny) seems, however, to be real rather than metaphorical, as it has been in the USA.

One day, our idol Rock Hudson admitted his homosexuality, and Marilyn was not included in the script due to bad acting (that was not the case, even if she was president’s Kennedy secret lover). Or, was it because police was surprised upon discovering her poetry at her house?

These will always be the great dilemmas of our era… Was it the Tour de France’s lying winner who arrived on the moon? Rock Hudson was straight and not his double… lover?

Did poet Marilyn Monroe exist, or was she at least yet another Hollywood invention, as it is the USA?

Are cinema actors truly loved? … Who knows!


(Translated by Loukia Katsiami)


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