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The railway has its defenders

El ferrocarril tiene sus defensores 4


On Wednesday July 24th, at Wimbledon station, Action For Rail has planned a protest against the privatization of the railways in the UK.


In October 2002, the management of railway infrastructure in Britain became privately controlled in order to improve safety, reliability and efficiency of the railway.

El ferrocarril tiene sus defensores1Since privatization, they have wasted more than 11 billion pounds of public funds that have been used to pay debts, recruitment and the retention of services.

The figures speak for themselves; private investment in the rail network is only 1% per year, making it clear that the government has failed to fulfil its promises.In most European countries, the national rail network is managed publicly.

El ferrocarril tiene sus defensoresIn addition, many services in Britain are saturated or obsolete, and the prices are the highest in Europe.

The Action For Rail platform, campaigns for the improvement of the railway network in Britain and advocates public governance of Network Rail.

This event is also supported by TUC members, a group of 54 unions representing six million workers in the UK, and rail transport unions in Britain, ASLEF, RMT, TSSA and Unite.

El ferrocarril tiene sus FEATUREDThe associations are convinced that by returning to the old system and incorporating the public company in charge of the management, debt can be reduced and transport infrastructure improved in the rail sector in the UK.

Date: July 24. Time: 5:30 pm. / 6:30 pm. Location: Wimbledon tube station

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(Translated by David Coldwell)

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