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Reason produces monsters

Submitted I am to the present violence for having conceived favour to men. In a weak reed, I put the seed of fire that I stole … that that is the master of all the deadly arts, his most precious instrument … (Prometheus bound. Aeschylus.)



La razon produce mostruos 1Armando Orozco Tovar


There are books that always return as “Prometheus Bound” by Aeschylus, still I have a “direct from the Greek version with introduction of Angel Ma Garibay…  Editorial Porrúa, S.A. Av Argentina Republic, 15.Mexico, 1973, No 11.”

And all this information, and much more, in the front of the volume is no longer used in any book, but seeing it is not ugly, as it corresponds to an old cover design.

La razon produce mostruos 3But why again this tragic character from classic literature? Because I noticed in an article by José Pablo Feinmamm edition: 211of Ojo newspaper, San José de Costa Rica, 2013, that the investigator Arnobio Maya brought me to Bogotá, clarifying the link of the Greek Prometheus with Frankenstein of Britain’s Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, better known as Mary Shelley and who was a storyteller, playwright, essayist, philosopher, and biographer, of the nineteenth century, known primarily for her gothic novel “Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus”. It is a “work of the greatest creative metaphor for the condition of man on earth, of his most profound, ambitious, violative …”

The novel of M. Shelley is made in reference to the Greek demigod, who, having stolen fire from the gods, gave it to the humans, so they began to be aware, and with it undertake the production of knowledge, up to arriving at the arts, science and technology, which would allow them to master the laws of nature, putting them at their service, in order to rule the world and society at will, according to their class interests.

La razon produce mostruos 2 el sueño de la razón produce monstruos… They first saw without seeing, heard without hearing, and had all things in the mind muddled as dreams … All things were at random and without direction, without his intelligence having a part in it… (Prometheus Bound. Aeschylus.)

Ojo’s article, recalls how: “The whole development of modern art expresses the pride to equal that of divinity. Also to submit to the other men. To get hold of the most valuable objects in the world … But to be God – truly God – would be to create man. ”

Also this metaphor of the English writer relates to the film of James Whale, based on his work, when the monster is removed from the ice back to return to life in a laboratory. It appears that when genetic engineering is able to give life to the dead, there they begin the real disaster predicted by the Spanish painter Goya: “The dream of reason produces monsters.”

La razon produce mostruos 4Today it is seen amongst other natural phenomena such as global warming, the cause of an accelerated snowmelt in Antarctica, favouring oil companies. And the development of modern technology, which is causing the complete planetary destruction. The writer cites M. Heidegger in his text “The science does not think”, he says: “I refer to what is developed today under the name of biophysics. In the foreseeable future we will be able to make a human, ie build him in his organic essence, even, as needed: working men and clumsy, smart and stupid men”.

They will make humans as required by capitalism.

In the same way as in many current Hollywood films, appears an indestructible soldier, created in the halls of imperial militarism … “What do you think, what are they searching for at the world’s most secretive laboratories, whose advances are denied to us…” says Feinmann, in his article.

La razon produce mostruos 6When this happens the man invented by the demigod Prometheus, on giving the fire stolen from the gods, so that he should also become another God … will it be Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which will walk by all as a serial murderer killing. And already nothing and nobody can stop it.

…To tie to the rocks sewn with diamond hooks broncos of this rebellion! As they stole what is yours: your flower of wealth, fire, begetter of all art … to give it to the mortals. (Prometheus Bound. Aeschylus.)


(Translated by David Coldwell – Email:


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