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Stop the Combe Haven Valley motorway

“NO” a la carretera2Saturday 17th August sees the start of ‘The Extinction Festival’; a protest movement, planned by the country’s activists and environmental groups, who together aim to put the brakes on the planned construction of a link road connecting Bexhill and Hastings.


 The event, at an Eco-farm in Bexhill, East Sussex, will take place every weekend.

Eco-warriors will be working alongside environmental groups The Noah’s Ark Project and the Stop Bilderberg Campaign to pressure the government into stopping the road works going ahead.

“NO” a la carretera4To date, £35 million has been invested by the government and East Sussex County Council in the construction of the motorway.

Those funds only include the costs of designing of the motorway, applying for road works permits, buying and clearing land, and preparing the construction site. The eventual cost of the road works could be as high as £48 million.

The protests will take place along the site of the motorway, with the farm serving as a base camp, hosting an alternative Glastonbury festival: with music from environmental activists, bands, and musicians who all support the global environmental movement and the cause of saving the human race from extinction.

“NO” a la carretera1The farm will also serve as a camp for climate action: there will be workshops and activities exploring forms of renewable energy such as solar power, wind turbines, permaculture and compost toilets; along with other activities such as tree planting and wildlife protection.

Date: Saturday 17th August. Place: Bexhill, East Sussex.

For more information see here.


(Translated by Claudia Rennie)


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