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Speaking up for the black community

On Saturday the 31st of August there will be a march to remember Martin Luther King and protest against inequality, injustice and austerity undertaken by the government in recent years.



Fire Swirl PacifismThe demonstration will be led by Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC), a coalition of workers from the black community from the public sector, trade unions and community organisations whose aim is to create a critical body to force a change to the policy on austerity.

The BARAC campaign expects an active turnout on an historic date, the 50th anniversary celebration of the march through the streets of Washington by Martin Luther King in 1963, one of the most important exponents for rights in the African-American community in the United States.

The United Kingdom is experiencing one of the most difficult eras in its history since the Second World War.

And consequently BARAC insists that austerity is one of the factors that has led to an increase in racism and an increase in injustice in the country.

2011-un-reconocimiento-para-los-afrodescendientes1In a society consisting of communities from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and other ethnic minorities, who have suffered the greatest rates of poverty and unemployment in the United Kingdom, these disproportionate cuts will have devastating effects among its population.

Also, BARAC insists that these methods will lead to worker redundancies and frozen salaries, extending a salary gap that already exists between black and white workers.

The four principal aims of the BARAC campaign are to defend jobs and services, stress the disproportionate and negative impact of the enormous reduction in public spending on the most disfavoured communities, provide a campaign platform to fight against cuts to jobs and services, and work in collaboration to build links with other movements.


Date: Saturday 31st August. Time: 1pm to 5pm. Place: Westminster, London.  For more information, go to the website.


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