New destinations and new immigrants

The economic crisis has changed current migratory trends. A conference in Oxford, from the 24th to the 26th September, will analyse the evolution of this population group.


nuevos inmigrantes  7According to data from the UN, there are 215 immigrants in the world. This figure has increased compared to the figures from 2009, which estimated that 200 million people lived outside their country of origin.

To mark International Migrants Day on the 18th of December last year, figures were released detailing that half of international immigrants were living in developed countries.

The UN also recognised the social and economic impact that the immigrants have had, within the economies of both their host countries and their countries of origin. In 2010, transfers of funds accounted for a total of US$325 billion.

nuevos inmigrantes 1According to the UN, the current direction of the migratory flow is largely due to work and economic reasons, although they also highlight social exclusion, domestic armed conflicts and natural disasters, not to mention other factors that result in the forced movement of people.

Current migratory flows are an example of this. The economic crisis in Europe, particularly in Spain, has had an impact on Latin American migratory movements.

Migración, sinónimo 4A report by the International Organisation for Migration stated that 107,000 Europeans, including those with dual citizenship, have left Europe to go to South and Central America.

The European Union, home to 4.29 million Latin Americans, is no longer the destination of choice for these citizens, but rather it is losing people, who leave to seek new employment opportunities abroad.

The London conference therefore seeks to demonstrate the prevailing features of migratory movements, as well as those which have changed at different stages.

nuevos inmigrantes  4Experts from different universities will take part in the conference, such as Thomas Faist, from Bielefeld University, Douglas Massey, from Princeton University, and Ewa Morawska, from the University of Essex.

The topics up for discussion will highlight the quantitative and qualitative analysis of migratory movements, the main sending and receiving countries throughout history, regions with an increased flow of migration, and the economic and social impact.

nuevos inmigrantes  3Furthermore, the conference will highlight how the immigration profile has evolved over time.

The conference will be held between the 24th and 26th of September, 2013 at the University of Oxford, UK.

See the website for more information.


(Translated by Marie-Thérèse Slorach – Email: marietherese.slorach@gmail.com)


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