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LARC and the Latinos’ recognition around the borough of Lambeth

LARC y el reconocimiento de los_blog1Created at the beginning of 2010 this was the first organisation in the UK to talk about Latin American identity and to work for this community to have the role it deserved.


After LARC others have followed its example and subscribed to this cause that today makes many Latin Americans (and not Latin Americans) recognise that the Latinos, are not invisible anymore.

In this sense the Latin American Recognition Campaign (LARC), demonstrated at the time, in relation to the borough of Lambeth’s decision to recognise Latin Americans as an ethnic minority, and which celebration will take place in a few days.

The following is LARC’s complete statement:

“It is with great satisfaction that we announce the borough of Lambeth’s decision to recognise the Latin American community as an ethnic minority in this London borough.LARC y el reconocimiento

This decision comes after the Latin American delegation (Deputation) formed by CLAUK (Coalition of Latin Americans in the UK) that gathers together various organisations that work with the community and LARC (Latin American Recognition Campaign) supports the reasons why our community should be recognised.

Even when the official decision will be made public soon, the agreement in the sense of recognition has already been made.

The importance of this decision by the borough of Lambeth resides in the fact that this London borough is the second constituency with the highest Latin American population in London after the borough of Southwark.

LARC y el reconocimiento de los 1That up until now our community has been recognised as an ethnic minority in these two boroughs will have a great impact in the future so that the recognition that we are looking for for our community is extended to the other boroughs in London and nationally, i.e. at national statistics levels.

The importance of this decision is in that it will positively result in our situation as a community, because until now we have remained invisible despite forming a community that grows each day (with around 200000 Latin Americans in the UK and over half of them residing in London) and that contributes to the British society in terms of work, economy and culture.

This rLARC y el reconocimiento de losecognition will allow a better monitoring of the Latin Americans living in Lambeth, it will make the services and resources to be equally distributed and to include ethnic minorities, amongst them Latin Americans.

It also broadcasts a message to all the members of our community to carry on working together towards bigger achievements and to see our rights recognised and not to be alienated.

We thank everyone that has taken part in one way or another to achieve this recognition by Lambeth Council and the councillors of this borough who have made the Deputation possible and have supported our cause.

For our recognition, we are Latin Americans!

Latin American Recognition Campaign (LARC)

London 29th November 2013”

(Translated by Carina Sala – Email: anirac_82@hotmail.com)



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