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Pinta London, five years of bringing art

Pinta London,      en su quinto_Alfredo Esposito, Energy 2. 2012
Alfredo Esposito, Energy 2

On its fifth anniversary, this unique Art Fair in London is dedicated to Latin-American art and committed to a new generation of artists, while also recognising the continued lack of women in the art world. The event will be held from the 12th to 15th of June.


Central London will be consumed by Latin American talent from this Art Fair, which is celebrating its fifth year. Pinta London will create a crossroads for art lovers, gallery goers, collectors and creators in the British capital; never losing its identity, from its Latin American roots.

Pinta London,      en su quinto_Alejandro Zaia
Alejandro Zaia

Pinta is a unique event in the UK, with no other Art Fair specialising in Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese artistic production. The idea came from the mind of Alejandro Zaia. Passionate about the art world, he planted the first seed in New York in 2007, deciding later to make the leap to this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Works from over 50 international galleries, including some high-end galleries, will be brought together at this event. Among them, the public will find part of the collection from The Rainhart Gallery in Brussels, with sculptures by the Colombian artist Rafael Gomezbarros being brought from the Belgian capital.  Gomezbarros is best known for his installation of giant ants at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

The exhibition from Galeria Graça Brandão should not be missed. Coming from Lisbon, the gallery will bring works from Brazilian artist Lygia Pape, ten years after her death she continues to be recognised as one of the greatest creators of the Concrete Art movement.

Pinta London,      en su quinto_Ines de Poligny, Templanza. 2012
Ines de Poligny, Templanza

Pinta London is also an opportunity for newer, smaller galleries to launch themselves on the international art market. In these exhibitions, the public will find something new. For example, the Galería Oliva Arauna from Madrid was one of the first Spanish galleries to specialise in photography and video.

Photography, a new invitee to Pinta

The fifth anniversary of the event will be marked by the opening of a new exhibition category: Pinta Photo. Organised by journalist and critic for London’s Evening Standard newspaper, Sue Steward, the exhibition will aim to provide a diverse array of photographic techniques in a narrative of stories about Latin American culture and identity.

In these photos, the public will see a reflection of the distinct visions of Latin America diversity from cities like New York, Miami, Madrid and Lisbon. Styles will vary from the realism of photographers like Adriana Lestido and Michael Nyman, and more abstract works from Dafna Talmor, Tontxi Vazquez and Gustavo Espinosa.

Pinta London,      en su quinto_Miguel Angel Giovanetti, Oval XXXIV
Miguel Angel Giovanetti, Oval XXXIV

Anyone interested in photography is invited to attend a round-table discussion chaired by Sue Steward on Sunday the 15th of June at 3:30pm.

Women and art

Another feature that will supplement the Art Fair is Pinta Projects. This section will be dedicated to influential women who have left their mark on Latin American art over the years. The two women responsible for the projects are experts in Brazilian art: Kiki Mazzucchelli and Catherine Petitgas.

Their aim is to bring artistic women centre stage, as they are underrepresented in the international market despite playing a highly dynamic role in the development of avant-garde trends locally.

Pinta London , en su quinto_Àlex de Fluvià Sakura, Interrupted
Àlex de Fluvià Sakura, Interrupted

One of the shows in this exhibition will honour the Brazilian artist Anna Bella Geiger, displaying works from different periods throughout her 50-year career. Geiger has recently gained recognition for her experimental art in video and multimedia installations.

There will also be a place for the new generation. Including the multifaceted Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, a Brazilian artist based in London whose work includes singing, theatre, sculpture and painting. Completing the cast is the painter Sandra Gamarra, filmmaker Jazmín López, writers Ana Luiza Dias and Tatiana Echeverri, and photographer Anna Malagrida. They will also collaborate with Lucía Pizzani, potter, photographer and video artist.

Pinta London,      en su quinto2_facebookPinta London covers many other aspects of the artistic and cultural landscape in Latin America. Mexico and Brazil will have their space reserved for interior design. The star of this exhibition will be furniture designed by the internationally renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Other areas of the programme will be dedicated to a series of round-table discussions that will take place throughout the weekend. There will be opportunities for professionals and amateurs to exchange experiences and opinions about different genres and the current status of the art market and its role in society.

Date: 12th-15th June. Place: Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Warwick Road London, SW5 9TA For more information visit the website:


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