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Death of a Gentleman… The uncertain future of cricket

It is the second most popular sport in the world, representing identity and tradition for thousands of its fans. So what would happen if it were in danger of disappearing? A documentary showing in cinemas on the 7 August is about exactly that.


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The documentary is called “Death of a Gentleman”, and over the course of the film the audience are immersed into different aspects of this fascinating sport.

What starts as an investigation in answer to the question of whether Test Cricket is disappearing and being replaced by its ‘cousin’ Twenty20, becomes a discovery of a much bigger sporting scandal than can be imagined.

Test Cricket has been played for more than 100 years and consists of matches between national teams with ‘test status’, determined by the merte de un caballero 2 cricketInternational Cricket Council (ICC), as a measure of the teams’ playing ability and endurance.

However, this sport is gradually being pushed aside to make way for another more economically profitable form of the game. As such, two cricket fans turned journalists have joined forces in the search for answers to what seems to be a serious threat to the future of this quintessentially British sport.

The documentary shows how they try to gather evidence over a three year period, speaking to players, ex-players, broadcasters, journalists, administrators and fans, to discover who is responsible for the decline of the sport and how to save it.

merte de un caballero 2 3 cricketThe producers and directors of the film, Sam Collins and Jarrod Kimber, hope to show a clear panorama of the current state of affairs of Test Cricket, and how money is corrupting one of the most popular sports in the world.

It is a final call directed at fans, administrators and the general public, alerting them to what could be the disappearance of a culture and way of life.

Showing on the 7th August 2015.

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(Translated by Emily Russell)

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