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Shut down immigration detention centres!

On the 12th of March a large-scale demonstration will be carried out in the vicinity of Yarl’s Wood, one of the most controversial places in the United Kingdom.


Foto de Pixabay
Foto de Pixabay

Surround #YarlsWood demonstration: Detention Centres Shut them now!”, is the title of this new event. In the wake of the success of previous demonstrations, the organisation Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary has planned a new event so that their message reaches a wider audience.

Coinciding with the month in which International Women’s Day is celebrated, they demand that this and all other detention centres close.

Yarl’s Wood, a detention centre for women, has been at the centre of numerous scandals in the past due to the mistreatment of those detained.

Among them, there have been abuses on the part of civil servants, including both psychological and physical attacks.

From inside, these women carry out their own personal fight and unite, with shouts and placards from their rooms, with the demonstrators outside.

So long as this problem is not on the political agenda, the situation for these immigrants worsens.

According to publications in the Bedfordshire On Sunday, the detained are taken to hospital handcuffed. Some of these women refuse them.

Foto de Virginia Moreno Molina
Foto de Virginia Moreno Molina

Considering that many of them have been raped or have received degrading treatment in their countries, these restraints make them seem like prisoners, as if they have committed a crime.

“I came here as a torture victim, my own family sexually abused me and I am a victim of trafficking. I refuse to wear handcuffs because it makes me feel horrible”, Mabel Gawanas, who has been held in Yarl’s Wood for 18 months, explained to the Bedfordshire On Sunday.

Foto de Virginia Moreno Molina
Foto de Virginia Moreno Molina

There are 12 detention centres in the UK, where thousands of immigrants await an outcome to their personal situation. Meanwhile, as they continue without a limit to their stay, the fight continues for the closure of all of them.

Date and time: 12th March at 13.30 pm. Place: Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, MK 416, Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. More information:


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