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ISLAMOPHOBIA… Things and thoughts on a controversial topic

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Musulman islam anciano pixabayThe United Kingdom and its anti-refugee policies

There has been a 20% increase in rejections of Syrian asylum requests in Great Britain and 3,771 refugees have died trying to get to Europe in the last year.

bosque miedo pixabayIslamophobia… a dangerous slant on pure and simple racism

Between March 2015 and 2016, 1,124 attacks towards Muslims were recorded in London, a 51% increase over the previous year. This community represents 5.4% of the British population

Denis Fernando Foto FacebookThe West legitimises the monster that uses religion to justify brutal acts

Daesh. This terrorist organisation is nothing more than a despicable extremist group. But Western mass media and political leaders have given them legitimacy

Talha Ahmad facebookTalha Ahmad: “The government labels everything Muslim as extreme and radical”

There is a hostile environment towards Muslims. Several laws limit or restrict their growth within British society. They are not treated equally.

religion mujer vejez anciana viej pixabayMuslims: Perpetual immigrants? Marginalised or stigmatised?

90% of the Muslim community live in the 10% of the United Kingdom which has the most deprived areas and their employment rate is lower than that of the white population.

Musulman islam mosque mezquita pixabayIslam in Europe

Islamophobia is on the rise throughout Europe. Attacks on mosques and personal harassment of individuals on the street are increasing.

mujeres arabes Pixabay 2Mohammed Kozbar: “ISIS is using our religion for their own agenda”

Discriminatory attacks in public places, media who foment Islamophobia, and a government that focuses its strategy against radicalisation by encouraging spying on a whole community.

Musulman islamis pixabay (20)Islamophobia and its ideological roots

Islamophobia – that is the ideology according to which the biggest threat to Western society comes from Islam – affects all of us in one way or another, even in our daily life.

Musulman islamis pixabay (6)Ameena Blake: A society that demonises Islam and Muslims

How can you live in a “manipulated” society that suspects and blames a whole community? Meanwhile, hassling in the Street and persecution by the Government towards women

Musulman islamis pixabay (16)‘Islamophobia’…. But, who has the ‘phobia’?

Could it be that those who use the term, are really the ones who have the ‘phobia’, a phobia about not being able to handle the arguments of their opponents?

Musulman islamis pixabay (14)Muslims in British society: few rights and few freedoms

Pointed at and stereotyped, at the same time as being accused of not integrating in British society. This is the climate of hostility that has been created towards this community, which is provoking hate-crimes and strengthening fascist groups.

Musulman islamis pixabay (13) Nahla Nasser: “Muslims need to stop feeling like victims”

Islamophobia is a growing problem in the United Kingdom, but some Muslims feel support from the British Government, and are not afraid to go out and don’t feel discriminated against.

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