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“Plaza Latina”, “La Mambanegra”… Colombianamente

This month the English capital is hosting a series of events connected to Latin American art culture and cuisine.


Fcolombia la mambarom 23rd through to the 31st July, there will be three separate events which will each have different activities on the theme of Columbian identity to include festivals, concerts, lively dance shows and mask workshops.

So that people can get to know more about the culture of Colombia as well as others from Latin America, there will be the chance to experience music, taste specific regional cuisine from the area, and everyone will be welcome to take part. The series of events begins on the 23rd July. The location of the event has been named ‘Plaza Latina’, Latin Square in English, and will host a food market and a festival in addition to theatrical masks, painting and dance plus much more.

This marks the 7th event of this type and will take place in Elephant and Castle, an area of London which is home to a large number of Latin Americans. The area will be decorated especially for this event and there will be an appearance by Latin American Grammy winner, Juan Piña, making his debut in the United Kingdom. The Colombian folk singer, María Cristina Plata will also be there.

In addition, there will food available from countries such as Venezuela and El Salvador together with traditional Latin American beverages.

colombia plaza latinaMusic

The following event will consist of two concerts which will feature the band “La Mambanegra” on the 27th and 29th of July. From Cali, the band fuse together funk, hip-hop, raggamuffin and New York salsa.

To mark their debut in the UK, the band released their album “El Callegueso” which will be performed live in London and in Malmesbury, the two cities where they will be giving concerts

The origin of “La Mambanegra” is inspired by the story of the unsung hero from the Barrio Obrero in Cali, who hada series of adventures in the city itself, and in Havana and New York.

“Colombianamente”, the last of the events will take place on 30th and 31st July in the capital. During this event, there will be several acts, including Zumba, Bay Group, Liliana Montes, and Los Indios, Edwin Salsa or acts from Circolombia.

Altogether, these events will contribute to a festival that promotes Colombian culture and arts in London.

“Colombianamente”, specifically, is a platform that attempts to show the reality of life in Latin American countries to other nationalities living in the British capital. It offers a view of the nation’s contemporary identity by way of artistic expression whilst also allowing the opportunity to explore talents from Colombia.

Incolombianamente addition, there will be a market with Colombian crafts, food and drink, and there will be a children’s area with interactive workshop.

Dates and times: July 23rd at 12 pm; 27th, 29th and 30th, 31st July, Address: Nursery Row Park, East Street; Porchester Hall, London, Womad Charlton Park, Malmesbury; Coin Street, Southbank.

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(Written by Juanjo Andrés Cuervo)

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