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“Mapping Memories” of Latino London

Verónica Posada and Lorena Raigoso have developed a project (‘Mapping Memories’) which raises the visibility of the Latin American community living in London, and which also supports their recognition in the United Kingdom. The project will be featured in an exhibition in London, which will run from the 15th September until the 5th November.


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Posada y Raigoso have been developing this project over the past year, with contributions from the Latin American community living in the British capital, primarily from residents of the two areas with the greatest Latin American representation: Elephant and Castle and Seven Sisters.

Lorena Raigoso states that “these two places face gentrification problems that are displacing and destroying an entire community, as well as their places for meeting and talking, and for many within the community, also their workplace.”

‘Mapping Memories’ is, therefore, a London based platform that seeks to increase the visibility of Latin American community practices, as well as to reinforce cohesion and the feeling of belonging in the areas in which members of this community live and work.

The project developers say that they are fighting for “the protection of Latin American community spaces that are at risk of being demolished due to the dynamics of urban regeneration and gentrification in the British capital.”

“Mapping Memories” will be presenting its results at The Koppel Project as part of the exhibition ‘Mitologia de la Tierra’ (‘Mythology of the Earth’), which brings together Colombian artists, who are considered to have important voices in discussions with regard to understanding Colombian identity.

Verónica and Lorena will share memories among visitors and Latin Americans, which will focus on the meaning of Latino London, particularly the two main meeting points for Latin Americans in the capital city: Elephant and Castle and Seven Sisters Market.


The aim of the project, which has been outlined from the beginning, “is to create awareness of the cultural practices that are reinforced and consolidated in these two areas.”

In this sense, it is important to protect these spaces that are under threat by regeneration processes in London, the project developers state.

Place: The Koppel Project, 93 Baker Street, SW11 6QE, London, United Kingdom. To confirm your attendance, click here:

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