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Special Edition: Brexit and Latin Americans

“Brexit will contribute nothing to strengthening civil society, much less to greater integration of minorities. And even less to their recognition as ethnic minorities. Since the Brexit referendum the living conditions of many immigrants have become tougher in more than one respect. The Latin-American community is now equally vulnerable to attacks and the dire consequences of the Brexit referendum.”


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Brexit and Latin Americans: Another turn of Brexit

Much has been written about the negative consequences that the ‘Leave’ vote in the Brexit referendum will have for British and foreign-born immigrants alike.

BREXIT GOOD PIXABAYBrexitism: a utopian cult

The “Leave” campaign in the UK’s EU referendum was a coalition of different interests, some pro-free trade, others protectionist, some racist, others cosmopolitan.

animal perro sofa pixabayBrexit: who is opposing it?

Legal challenges demanding parliamentary debates are progressing. The bigger picture requires us to join up with ordinary Europeans and assert our identity as citizens not mere consumers.

duda-interroga-question-pregun-pixabayBrexit and historical amnesia

It is possible that the European Union, various decades on from its first appearance, has not met the expectations of the citizens of its member states.

Brexit, social coesqueleto-muerte-mujer-pixabayhesion and recognition of the Latin-American community

How could Brexit affect the process recognition of ethnic minorities and the need for a greater cohesion between minorities and society in general?


jorge-londres-london-pixabayBrexit and Latinos: 7 Questions and 7 Key Answers

The questions that began to emerge on the 23rd of June 2016 are many. We get together with a lawyer to provide answers to the most common and important ones.

Bmujer-woman-pixabayrexit: What does it mean for us?

So far we have seen an increase in the demand for legal advisors, doubts and instability among workers and volunteers, and an increase in hate crimes against immigrants.

si-por-la-paz-colombia-paloma-dove-pixabayBrexit: Now what?

Until the process of separation between the UK and the European Union begins, the legal situation for the citizens of any member state and their families will remain the same as before.

si-por-la-paz-colombia-paloma-dove-2-pixabay-yChallenges and opportunities after the Brexit vote

Children and young people are left feeling anxious and insecure, women are victims of racism and sexism at work, school and on public transport, an even more negative rhetoric on immigration.

BREXIT estrellas unio eruop pixabayLatin American women: What will happen to them now?

Britain’s exit from the European Union has dealt a great blow to the residence status of Latin American women who have a European passport, as they do not have permanent residence.


colombia-mujer-pixabayViolence and racism could increase in schools

In educational institutions, foreign teachers and students feel at risk of discrimination and deportation.  This threatens to destroy diversity in British universities,  and foreign students.

brexit londres london pixabayThe Latin American community will become more united to defend their permanence in the UK

The Ecuadorian consulate is working to keep Latin Americans informed. Although Brexit has not yet happened, the community is facing possible restrictions in terms of free circulation in Europe.

Brexit winner YoutubeNéstor Osorio: “Brexit is not a risk, but an opportunity”

Still, without negotiations, the Colombian Embassy is clear on how it will proceed: working to reach an agreement that protects its compatriots as much as gains made in trade and investment.

phone booth cabina telefoni inglate pixabayBrexit will damage the right to work and will impact on other rights

EU immigrants are its main target, included amongst whom are a large proportion of Latin Americans with European passports. It represents an opportunity for solidarity.

Work and activism

maquinas granero inglaterra antiguo pixabayBrexit and activism: the law is one thing, justice another

More restrictions, raids and much interest in as cheap a workforce as possible due to the result of Brexit. We can’t hope for the EU to be this kind-hearted body.

bolivia ciudad pixabayLatin American workers: between panic and misinformation

Brexit was a “poorly conceived strategy” for many, triggering a devaluation of the currency and a possible loss of jobs that will see Latin Americans having to return to their native countries.

england londres inglaterra pixabayBrexit and Latin Americans: An unclear immigration status and a lot of uncertainty

A future exists where economic recession, redundancy, higher levels of discrimination and a slump in Latino population growth is possible. This is now the situation this community faces.

ahora-que-mujer-duda-woma-pixabay-2Brexit vs. the Latin American Community

The UK would decide in a referendum whether or not to leave the EU, politicians, business owners, analysts and the international community were hoping that the UK would remain in Europe.

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