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Helping people with Alzheimer’s to do the things they love

It is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that begins slowly, and over time, gets worse. Currently affecting 850,000 people in the Unied Kingdom, the Lambeth based Side by Side project is seeking volunteers from the Latin American community to engage in activities with those enduring the condition.


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Known by health professionals as a life-limiting illness with an unknown cause, it affects multiple brain functions, and with development, brings about confusion, disorientation, mood changes, speech problems, and transformations in personalities.

With no cure, people who suffer from Alzheimer’s are expected to live for eight to ten years after its symptoms begin to manifest. And once present, victims must tackle a host of difficulties leaving them obligatory to the support of others, in elevated levels. As stated on their website, the Side by Side project aims to provide volunteers to those with the disease, so they can continue to do the things they love.

The organisation claims that people with the condition may at times feel isolated, unable to leave their homes, or ill-equipped to do things others can take for granted.

The East London based service would now like to reach out to willing volunteers from South American communities on behalf of the number of people wanting to be matched with someone who either has a Hispanic heritage, or language abilities.

alzahimer-memoria-viejo-pixabayOne of their representatives commented that Side by Side volunteers make a huge difference to people’s lives by helping them to connect with their local communities.

For two hours, weekly or fortnightly, for at least six months, participants assist Alzheimer’s patients with activities that could include a walk in the park, a trip to the cinema, engaging in hobbies, or joining local clubs.

The organisation hopes to reach out to reliable and enthusiastic volunteers, who will be provided with the appropriate training to confidently carry out their role.

For the company, the project is meant to be mutually beneficial, by also presenting volunteers with the opportunity to gain new skills and give something back to society.

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