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Tampons are not luxury… “The Homeless period”

Having periods is not pleasing and becoming especially irritating when one does not even have a proper place to stay or access to any sanitary products. Facing this problem, a university student started a series of projects to help these women.


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“If a man could get a razor anywhere which men could, then why can’t a woman get sanitary towels anywhere”. “I used to feel very depressed, it used to get me down”. “Why does a woman have to rip up a cloth put between her to protect herself from bleeding”. … These are some quotes from “The Homeless period” which is a campaign aiming at bringing those who sleep on the streets the basic dignity and necessity.

In May 2014, Laura Coryton started a movement call “Stop taxing periods” stating the irrationality of the VAT on sanitary products by stressing the fact that a woman simply cannot opt to not having mensuration.

This activity has achieved a huge success. In March 2016, David Cameron announced the zero rate for the sanitary products which means the end of the tampon tax in the House of Commons.

During these years, Laura has been working on different kinds of programs relating to the female health issue. The Homeless Period Project, for example, is another activity focusing on the sanitary problem for these helpless women.

tampons-pixabayNo one should suffer to make a choice between a pad and having lunch. “The cheapest box of tampon… is a little over seven dollars, it is more money than me and my boyfriend spend on a meal together”, says Alexa, a stranded girl living on the street of New York City.

Some of them will even have to reuse tampon or replace it with socks, plastic bags or anything they could find which can bring severe health issue.

This time, she is calling on Procter & Gamble (P&G), a company producing “Always” sanitary pads and “Tampax” tampons to support her idea and improve the situation for the unsheltered females.

This cooperation has already made a generous sanitary products donation to the UK homeless shelters and is expected to further support poor families with essentials and develop hygiene education.

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