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Thebes Land… a story of parricide

“Some things are not easy to talk about…” How could someone kill their own father? One of the most rare and shocking crimes known to man is analysed in this daring play, with the participation of Martín Santos, a man convicted of parricide himself.


Ithebes-land-facebook-casa-2t is a story of revenge, justice, love and masculinity that, after being met with much success in eight different countries, is now opening in London for four weeks, from Wednesday 30th November until Friday 23rd December.

Directed and adapted by Daniel Goldman, “Thebes land” includes performances by Trevor White (“Long day’s journey into night”, West End; “Enron”, Royal Court) and Alex Austin (“Fury”, Soho Theatre; “Yen”, Royal Court).

It is, as described by Goldman, “a piece about patricide, but at the same time about the creation of works.”

Goldman (who has joined forces with the French-Uruguayan author Sergio Blanco, one of the most interesting and recognised voices of Latin America)  says that when he saw the original Uruguayan production of “Thebes land” at a festival in Columbia, he returned “trembling with excitement about the piece that he had seen”.

He adds that it is “very fun, intelligent and agile (at its base it is a story of impossible love) but above all, it is a piece of twists, turns and surprises, juggling different realities.”

thebes-land-csa-colorHe explains that the piece is like a mixture between “The Shawshank Redemption” (Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman) “Inception” (Leonardo Di Caprio), “Synecdoche” (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and the writing of Charlie Kaufman (known for his adaptation of “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”).

With “Thebes land” Godman hopes that it will have the same impact on the public as it did on him when he saw it for the first time in Uruguay. He also hopes to “put the limits between truth and lies to the test, what we know versus what we think we know.”

The piece is a co-production by Arcola Theatre and CASA Latin American Theatre Festival, supported by Grants for the Arts from the Arts Council England and The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation.

He also clarifies that those who present the piece affirm that “Thebes land” is shown with “the blessing of all parties involved and in accordance with the regulations of the UK Ministry of Interior”. The play will take place from the inside of a large protective cell.

thebes-land-facebook-casaThebes land”: Duration: approximately 135 minutes (including an interval). Location and dates: Arcola Theatre, 24 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL. 7:30 pm. Wednesday 30th November to Friday 23rd December.

For more information:   –  Tel. +44 (0)203302 0660

Photos: CASA Latin American Theatre Festival   –  (Translated by Eleanor Gooch)

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