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Bolívar, the Liberator

On 11th December a film will be shown to discuss the  life of the historical figure who stood up to the Spanish Empire in 19th Century South America.


bolivar1Juanjo Andrés Cuervo


Born in Caracas in 1783, Simón Bolívar was a military leader who joined a resistance group to fight for independence movements across the continent, starting with Venezuela.

He became to be known as El Libertador (The Liberator)He had a clear vision of the South American republic in which a country’s president could not be stripped of the leadership of the nation.

Later, and with the support of Haiti, Bolívar began to gain territory and in 1821 Gran Colombia was created under his leadership.  A large amount of this region is now split between different countries including, Panama, Venezuela Ecuador and Colombia. He eventually died in Colombia in 1830 after more than 100 battles against the Spanish fleet and more than 70,000 miles on horseback.

Without doubt, his legacy has been key to the development of the continent.  One example of this is the naming of the Republic of Bolivia, which was created in his honour in 1825.

Various different cities have been named after him as an honour in the United States and there are statues of him and streets named after him in countries such as Egypt, Australia and Turkey. Even more impressively, his military campaigns covered double the territory of those of  Alexander the Great.

Bolivar1To demonstrate and remember how important Simón Bolívar was, there will be a showing of the film “El Libertador” (The Liberator).  It explains his fight for independence in South America and his vision of a South American union.

To this end he had to unite people from different races, social classes and nations with the aim of defeating the Spanish Empire.

Date and time: 11th December 10.20 am. Address: Bolívar Hall, 54 Grafton Way, W1T 5DL.  More information:

(Translated by Peter  Savin)

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