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Venezuela: “Belén” and “Nodo Sur”

Two original artists from this country are the protagonists in the creation of a documentary in the direction of a radio program, respectively. Being an example of Latin American cultural expansion.


adriana-vila-belen-copyJuanjo Andrés Cuervo


They are Adriana Villa Guevara, artist, cinematographer and anthropologist, and singer and composer, José Delgado.

She had made the film “Belen”, that tells the story in which a cacao farmer inspired so many people through their music.

On the other hand, he will be in charge of directing the musical program, Nodo Sur, a radio platform made in conjunction WITH Chile and Venezuela.

Both have achieved a long history in their respective fields based on efforts during the last few years.

In fact, to create the documentary “Belen”, Adriana was living with the protagonist of the story, Beién Paclacios, for 4 months en Tapipa, their native community.

Because, thanks to the sound of their bamboo, this farmer from an Afro-Venezuelan town, was acting in theatres in different cities like New York, Washington, Fortaleza, Quito, Caracas and La Habana.

Even though this is not a conventional documentary, in that it doesn’t explain the protagonist’s life in a chronological fashion. Rather, it gives the details using forms of apparent disorder, mixing the different time slots.

Jose Delgado

Currently, Adriana Villa Guevara is building a doctoral thesis in Anthropology and Ethnography related to this film, at the University of Barcelona.

On the other hand, Jose Delagado, who has more than a decade or artist experience, will debut as an executive producer in the Nodo Sur program.

This space tries to find cultural products from the continent, to share it with their inhabitants, while they are aware of the importance of expanding their horizons to look for new areas of learning.

Directed by the Venezuelan, Rolando Rivas Casallas, and produced by ‘Enlaces Musicals’, it will provide an important focal point in this region of South America.

All this, through a musical program, in which there is space for dialogue, photography and film.

Previously, the Caracas duo formed by José Delgado and Ronald Rivas Casallas, performed “Ladder is falling” for more than two years on the radio program.

belenIn it, they helped Latino, Indian, and African-Americans expand their gold for integration in order to achieve a greater sense of identity.

With Delgado, will be the Spanish Indee Styla, Chilean Paz Mera, and Brazilian DJ B8.

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