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President Trump embodies the entire crisis of the world’s capitalist system, as the very representative of the leading power of the West.


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His decision to cancel or at least restrict the relocation of United States companies to other countries (Mexico is the most talked-about) confronts the richest core of the country’s entrepreneurs who make these investments abroad looking for very significant advantages: lower labour costs, true absence of environmental restrictions, special influences over the local authorities to evade taxes, favourable rules for return of profit to their headquarters and a political power that even goes beyond what they already enjoy in their own countries. The transfer of these businesses abroad does not only leave millions of workers in the United States without employment (many of whom make up the electoral base of the new president) but also, in many cases, ruins local industries in the “lucky” countries with this foreign investment as their own businesses are not able to compete with transnational companies.

In other words, unemployment on both sides and enormous benefits for North American business owners and generous bribes for local politicians who facilitate this strategy.

donal-trump-caricatAs serious or more for the interests of big American capital is the withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the threat of doing the same with Mexico and Canada (NAFTA), measures that are absolutely not offset by the announcement of a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom.

Can Trump affect the hardest core of American capitalism without consequences?

The new president’s enormous power can be revealed as more formal than realistic. His parliamentary majority may be diluted considering that almost all the members financially depend on these big companies, the same ones that participate so actively in this “offshoring”.

The same can be said of the legal system, whose links with the so-called “Establishment”, that is, the hard core of big capital, are not few. Opposition from judges and prosecutors has already begun against the racist measures of the new inhabitant of the White House

Other sources of power can also play dirty tricks on Trump: the civil service, the intelligence agencies and armed forces, despite generous measures taken in favour of the military-industrial complex.

The new president is also not known for his tact when dealing with international relations (although certainly, in this aspect his predecessors did not stand out either, so given to arrogance and vulgar imposition).

opresion agresion esclav pixabayHis desired closeness with Russia to isolate China is happening while Moscow is further strengthening their links with Beijing, and his indifference in dealing with the European Union could even bring reconciliation with Russia.

It is quite unknown what is going to happen to relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, not only with respect to Cuba and Venezuela but also regarding the peace process in Colombia.

Could Trump eliminate or at least reduce Brazil and Argentina’s already solid trade links with China?

And, in general, will he be able to regain space in the continent by displacing the Asian giant and other strong competitors such as Russia, Japan and the European Union itself?

If the United States leaves Mexico, there are already business owners on the Old Continent keen to take its place.

On the other hand, it seems more than doubtful that Trump will be successful in his most vocal election proposal to make the United States the world’s leading power again. In fact, the Cold War is recurring now over other budgets and the East-West confrontation is being maintained, but this time with a People’s China already becoming the world’s leading power in certain areas and Russia recovering a lot of ground lost during the dissolution of the Socialist Platform.

Now it does not only play a part in nuclear stability (that too), but also in the economic sphere new participants compete successfully with the United States for raw materials, markets and zones of influence across the entire planet.

Measures affecting immigrants, feestados unidos washington pixabayminists, ethnic minorities and civil rights activists may give Trump some leeway for action, at least to ingratiate himself with his voters; this “deepest America” so deep in racism, xenophobia, primitive and aggressive religiousness, the apology of ignorance and defence of values more reactionary and unrelated to any modern thought (the patriarchy, homophobia and so many proclamations that give off a nauseating smell of neo-fascism).

In fact, they are already showing their worst sides, not only from the White House but also from the social sectors that brought Trump to government. Even the Ku Klux Klan dares to parade again and so-called “white supremacists” occupy decisive positions in the new administration.

The construction of the wall with Mexico, the massive expulsion of “illegals”, the anti-immigration and refugee measures, and so many other similar rulings are by no means new in the United States.

Obama and his forerunners expelled millions of “undocumented” people (Obama almost three million), the wall only has to be finished (the majority was already built by Trump’s predecessors) and the warmongering which has now been announced with great fanfare has been a constant in the history of this country.

Obama, Clinton (and his wife) are far from able to present themselves as champions of world peace, as evidenced by wars in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Ukraine, the Balkans and now Syria, as well as military interventions in Africa and the undemocratic role of gringo diplomacy in affairs south of the Rio Grande.

donal trump no pixabayAggression has not succeeded in giving the United States back their desired world supremacy: in so many ways these interventions only produce a balance of strategic defeats, difficult to resolve with the boasting of the new president in Washington.

Trump is, without a doubt, the ugliest face of American imperialism, but the other, the “friendly” face of characters such as Obama or Mrs Clinton is no less.

In the end, they are two sides of the same coin, of the same imperial strength that decays without remedy.

May the social majorities of this great nation succeed in altering the course of these events, overcome the nightmare of a madman managing their affairs and open other routes to their own destiny as a nation, without having to resort to the formulas of the past, giving the Establishment the opportunity to regain control.

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