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One day without us, without immigrants

The statistics show how important immigrants are in the development of the UK. It is impossible to imagine the country without immigrants, even for a short time, because much of what the Britain is today is thanks to them. As a tribute to these people, a series of events will take place in different areas of the country.


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In spite of the constant attempts by the British government to reduce net immigration to 100,000 a year, in 2016 the figure was 335,000, close to a record.

Still, since the June 23rd referendum there have been a number of variations compared to other years.

For example, the number of Poles and people from other countries of Eastern Europe who came here to work has fallen by 17%, according to figures collected in September 2015.

Probably, this is due to the large number of attacks on Polish people since Brexit was announced, as has also happened to other groups, notably muslims.

isla obreros construccion inmigrante pixabayIn fact, figures published by the police show that during July 2016 there was an increase of 41% in racist or religious attacks compared to the same month in 2015.

Altogether this amounts to 1,546 crimes, only 2 weeks after the victory of the Leave campaign.

In addition, in September 2016, the National Council of Police Chiefs published data showing a 58% increase in such incidents during the week following the referendum.

Other data shows that the number of students arriving in the UK in 2016 fell by 30,000 compared to 2015.

In response to the problems suffered by immigrants, One Day Without Us, is an event to celebrate the contribution that these people have made to the UK.

esqueletos muerte desierto inmigr pixabayTo raise awareness of this project, there will be events in different parts of Britain, including histories, exhibitions, music, food, and cultural tours.

And, with the intention of making the event extend beyond Britain, at 1pm there will be a virtual meeting to share photos, using the hashtag #1DayWithoutUs.

Also, rather than it being just a protest in one place, the intention is to encourage people to support these groups with symbolic activities.

This might include wearing badges, linking arms, putting posters in the window, or keeping one minute of silence during the working day.

Essentially, and taking into account the large number of immigrants in the UK, the event will be happening in different places and each group will be able to put on the kind of event they consider best on February 20th.

pajaro inmigrantesIn point of fact the date has been chosen because it coincides with the UN World Social Justice Day.

Date: 20th February; Place the whole UK.

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Photos: Pixabay   –   (Translated by Graham Douglas)

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