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This is the sound of the new Argentina

  Argentina has finally joined with a collection of new Peruvian, Colombian and Brazilian artists and bands.


Tsound musica cancheroo limit the sounds coming out of Argentina to just tango, folklore and 80s pop-rock is plain stinginess.

This country of more than 43 million people, which is in a constant state of change, has much more to give! And that is precisely what the album titled “Qué Canchero: New Sounds of Argentina” does; bringing together the most varied sounds of this country’s underground music scene.

With groups ranging from rock right up to ‘digital cumbia’, the production produced by Concepto Cero and launched at the end of 2016 includes a handful of artists born in the era of self-management and internet promotion. Amongst them are; “Soema Montenegro”, “Mi amigo invencible” (My invincible friend), “Los Espíritus” (The Spirits) and “Juan Namuncurá”.

sound musica argen siboAvailable to download on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and Amazon, “Qué canchero” accompanies the release of “Sounds and Colours Argentina”, a 200-page book that encapsulates current Argentinian culture without forgetting about its roots. The texts, illustrations and photos strive to be an alternative guide to understand on an artistic level what is currently going on in the country.

Brazil, Peru and Colombia are other countries already included in this collection with the book+disc format, which demonstrates the hunger felt by the new Latin generations to find their own space in the global arts scene.

Photos: Sounds and Colours   –   (Translated by Eleanor Gooch)

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