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A wall of hope for Mexico

There will be no cement, but flowers. There will be no hate speech, but music, poetry, and dance. On the 26th February, a wall will be built in London in response to Trump’s idea of creating a wall that will separate the USA from Mexico.


Minoria raza surreal pixabayThe first protests against Donald Trump’s idea to construct to separate the United States from Mexico have more or less successfully started to take to the streets.

For example, on Sunday the 12th February, men, women and children from more than 20 cities across 15 Mexican states demonstrated their opposition to one of Donald J Trump’s most famous proposals.

“Hard against the wall,” “Mexico must be respected” and “United we are invincible” were just some of the many slogans that appeared a few hours after the US government ramped up anti-immigration raids, causing panic in immigrant communities.

There were some who criticised the “indifference” of the Peña Nieto government and of groups that had decided not to participate in the protests so that their presence did not seem like support for their government. Despite this, Mexico unanimously objected to the idea of this “great” wall.

However, not only Mexicans are against plans to construct this wall, which will cost more than $21.6 billion to build, according to estimates made by the US government.

la-seduccion-pared-grafiti-pixabay-3In fact, citizens on the other side of the Atlantic have shown their solidarity with Mexico as they have followed in the footsteps of those who protested in the streets of Monterrey, Leon, Pachuca, Guadalajara, Tijuana and Morelia, amongst other cities.

For instance, in London, signs of support have come in the form of a wall of hope, which will be symbolically built in front of the USA embassy in the UK capital.

However, the construction of this wall will represent something far from the concrete, metal division and security cameras that Trump dreamed of. Instead, this wall will include flowers, art, and messages of peace and tolerance. Music, poetry and various art forms will ultimately aim to respond to the messages of discrimination, racism, and xenophobia disseminated by the US government.

This activity adds to others which have already taken place in Paris and Berlin, and those that occurred in London at the end of last month, where several banners were displayed on emblematic bridges such as London Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, and Westminster Bridge. Messages on these banners asked for bridges and not walls to be built.

amazonas mariposa pixabay libertadThe coordinates 

The organisation in charge of the event has created a fundraising site where you can make donations between £2 and £5 to contribute to the symbolic construction of the Wall of Hope. Any extra money above £5 will be donated to a Mexican charity.

Volunteers who want to join the organization can do so by sending an email to The event will take place on the 26th February in front of the USA embassy between 2 and 5 p.m. Click here for more information.

Photos: Pixabay   –   (Translated by Shanae Ennis-Melhado)

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