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Trump and Brexit: For a socialist opposition to economic nationalism

The actions taken of the current president of the United States have caused a worldwide uproar. Different meetings in the UK are to be held in order to analyse the repercussions of these actions. The first will take place on the 22nd February.


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A massive wave of protests has recently broken out in several different regions in the United States after Donald Trump authorised an order that banned citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the USA. Despite the fact that three judges ruled that Trump’s Muslim ban was not legitimate, the current president of the United States responded to this decision with the following tweet: “See you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!”

Unfortunately, this has not been the only radical measure taken by Trump since moving into the White House barely a month ago.

He has also expressed his clear intention to build a wall that separates Mexico from the USA.

A large part of the world’s population considers these actions to be anti-democratic. In response, Trump’s decisions have sparked various protests all over the world.

donal trump pixabayIn fact, a survey carried out by France Info shows the profound discontent of citizens of different countries towards the current president.

For example, 83% of German citizens, object to Trump’s decisions, compared to 81% of those in France, 80% of Spain citizens and 75% of UK nationals.

Despite the high number of Britons who are against Trump, British Prime Minister Theresa May has clearly stated her intention to maintain diplomatic relations with the US president.

May’s decision became more evident after her trip to the USA to meet with her American counterpart.

At this meeting, May formally invited Trump to the UK, and he accepted this invitation.

However, in the last couple of weeks, thousands of British citizens have taken to the streets to protest the prospect of Trump entering the country.

Along with these protests, more than 1.8 million signatures have been amassed against Trump’s visit to the UK. According to law, the government must respond to any petition that gains more than 10,000 signatures and must debate this petition in parliament if it acquires more than 100,000 signatures.

To consider all the issues above and to analyse different topics such as Brexit and Trump’s role as president of the United States, different meetings are being organised throughout the UK.

The first meeting, titled ‘Trump and Brexit: For a socialist opposition to economic nationalism’ will take place in Manchester on the 22nd February.

After this, further meetings will take place wal muro pixabayin Brighton, London, Leeds, Sheffield and then finally in Peterborough on the 12th March.

This series of events has been organised by the ‘Socialist Equality Party’, which is a group that challenges the capitalist system, the domination of corporations and banks, and aims to combat the various problems that plague the working-class.

Dates:  22nd and 27th February, 1st, 4th, 7th, and 12th March. Cities: Manchester, Brighton, London, Leeds, Sheffield, Peterborough. Contact:  For more information:   –

Photos: Pixabay    –  (Translated by Shanae Ennis-Melhado)

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