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Lessons from the Cuban health system

The British health system has a lot to learn from its Cuban equivalent. On 15th March, the premiere of a documentary presenting a landmark case from the Caribbean island will be accompanied by a debate. Both will provide evidence on the differences between the NHS and health in Cuba.


Cuba y el experimento pixabay 4Seen around the world as an example, the Cuban health system has become a source of pride for the inhabitants of the country.

At a distance of 7000 kilometres from the United Kingdom – another island – the Cuban model is studied with attention. Without going any further, of the 300 foreign students who have been able to learn about the Cuban model in situ through the Cuba Medical Link, around 200 are British.

The Ebola epidemic in Africa, earthquakes in Nepal or help for the neediest in Haiti. The constant presence of Cuban doctors during the most important health emergencies on the planet have been highlighted frequently by the British press and abroad.

Jorgito the power of the weakThe contradiction is evident with the reality experienced in the United Kingdom, where the GDP per capita is quadruple that of the Cubans, but their public health system (NHS) is undergoing a severe crisis.

And it is precisely this paradox that will be evidenced in “Cuba: An NHS for the people / Britain’s NHS in crisis”, a public meeting that will take place on Wednesday 15th March.

Organised by Rock Around the Blockade, a group that takes up the Cuban cause in the United Kingdom, the meeting will be the occasion of the premiere on British soil of the documentary “Jorgito: the power of the weak”.

The film directed by the independent German filmmaker, Tobias Kriele, tells the story of Jorge Jerez, a young Cuban revolutionary born in 1993 in the middle of the Special Period.

Jerez came into the world with severe cerebral palsy and the documentary is charged with showing how the Cuban health system provided him with free healthcare despite the United States blockade. Thanks to the treatment he received, Jorge Jerez now works as a journalist.

Cuba en usa bloqueo cena pareja pixa1The documentary will be accompanied by a debate on the Cuban health system and the British NHS crisis, which will be followed by a discussion open to the public.

When: Wednesday 15th March, 19:30-22:00. Where: The Cock Cavern, 23 Phoenix Road, NW1 1HB, London. More information here.

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