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Women who emigrate: a border-crossing inspiration

The women who cross countries and continents in search of a better future for themselves and their families are a source of admiration for many people. A conference that will take place in London on 13th May will bring together a group of such women, to share their experiences.

mujer arabe pixabayWhether it’s for the multiple obstacles that they have to deal with on their journey or for often single-handedly having to look after their children, female migrants are an example of perseverance, strength and courage.

(Whilst used below) Although figures from the United Nations state that women represent 48% of the total number of migrants in the world, on continents like Europe and North America the number of women who decide to move in search of a better future is even greater than that of men.

The reasons for the growth in the number of female migrants are not always clear. Whilst there are those who will say that it is because women have a better chance of receiving refuge than men, other motives include leaving their home to reunite with a male partner who has already settled in a new location.

RArab women mujer arabe 2 pixabayegardless of motive and figures, the reality of life for migrant women is a source of admiration for many people.

It is for this reason that once again the Inspiring Migrant Woman Conference will be coming to London. This year the event will be under the slogan Overcoming Barriers and Achieving Success.

Conceived as an event to be inspired by women migrants from all cultures and all corners of the world, the conference seeks to generate networking, share stories and experiences and raise awareness of this group of people.

Moreover, the meeting also acts as an opportunity to motivate other women – who often have fewer obstacles to face in comparison to their migrant partners – to make difficult decisions and triumph in their lives.

Operu mujer gente pixabayn this occasion, the conference will focus on the debate surrounding two main issues: The first is the generation of trust in migrant women; and the second, the financial empowerment of women.

Studies show that the main challenges and difficulties faced by immigrant women in the United Kingdom are: the language, the lack of social support, the absence of their family, lack of information, coercion from their partner (and in some cases domestic violence), and their own concerns regarding their children’s education.

Organised by Migrant Women Talks, the event will attempt to replicate the same level of inspiration and depth achieved in 2016.

Date: Saturday 13th May 2017, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Location: Central London WC2N. More information can be found here.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons and Pixabay  –  (Translated by Eleanor Gooch)

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