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Stories of refugee life

Asylum seekers that arrive in the United Kingdom are filled with hopes and fears, but also unknown stories of sacrifice and overcoming. On 21st March, in London, these experiences will see the light in a conference that will also be attended by novelists and poets.


cara-gente-cultura-libro-leer-poxabayBehind every human being that has had to abandon their town of origin due to wars, threats or torture, is hiding a unique and incomparable story.

In the UniteSoon the field expanded and the author began to tell stories from human beings abroad. This is why it is possible today to read on his site the emotional stories of refugees that were accepted into the country.

The rich content of these stories is universal and this is why Londoners will also be able to listen, first hand, to some of these stories at the conference “Shelter from the storm: Stories of refugee life”.

ILibro antigu soledad luz pixabayn a three hour long session, those attending will be able to experience accounts that mix loss, survival and rebirth lived by refugees and immigrants coming from different conflict zones.

These immigrants will not be alone, the conference has also arranged poets and writers who have been inspired by real cases to tell new stories.

journalism media periodismo libros escribir pixabayThe event will be compered by Jeremy Harder, who will be accompanied by poets Ruth Padel and JJ Bola, distinguished novelist Linda Grant, refugee anthologist Lucy Popescu, novelists Amanda Craig, Ahmad Al-Rashid and Izzat Shamroukh, literary critic Alex Clark and journalist and broadcaster Danny Kelly.

Date: Tuesday 21st March 2017, 19:00-22:00. Place: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. More information here.

Photos: Pixabay  –  (Translated by Donna Davison) 


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