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The never-ending battle against the gender gap

Ending the enormous differences that exist between men and women on a global level is a long-term challenge. On 22nd March in London, motivated by International Women’s Day, there will be a discussion on how to end these inequalities.


Hombre mujer pareja comen Frim wikipediaHow many years will pass before women have the same rights as men? The question, which could seem rhetorical, is not. The World Economic Forum investigated and arrived at a date: the year 2186. Soon then, in another 169 years, women will be equal to men in access to healthcare, education, economics and politics.

The situation in Latin America is a bit more “encouraging”, as according to the report, gender inequality will reach its end in 2098. In other regions, the outlook is bleaker: 129 years in the Middle East and north Africa, 146 years in eastern Asia and 149 years in Eastern Europe and central Asia.

As for global warming, the worldwide challenge is reducing its speed; when talking about the gender gap the key is accelerating as much as possible the decline of this shameful reality.

This is exactly the goal raised by the Universal Peace Federation UK ,a group that will commemorate International Women’s Day with the topic BeBoldForChange.

transex cara mujer miedoThe reason, the organisers estimate, is that by joining the forces of men and women, everyone can become a leader in their own sphere of influence to accelerate gender equality.

Celebrated for the first time in 1911 in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland, International Women’s Day gathered strength exactly 20 years ago. It was then, in 1977, that the United Nations General Assembly urged all the member states to celebrate this day.

In London, the annual event carried out by the Universal Peace Federation to commemorate International Women’s Day has historically touched on topics such as domestic violence, human trafficking, female participation in economics and politics, and gender violence.

This year the host of the event will be the British MP Tom Brake. The speakers will be Baronesses Sandip Verma and Sue Garden, Gul Khan of All Ladies League, the founder of Women in Leadership Shola Mos-Shogbamimu and the founder of Women in Sustainability Rhian Sherrington.

inmigrantes mujer migra niños pixabayDate: Wednesday 22nd March, from 17:30-19:30. Place: Committee Room 12, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. More information and registration here.

Photos: Wkipedia and Pixabay  –  (Translated by Donna Davison. Email:

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