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The Canary Islands tread on Cuban soil

This will happen during the 27th edition of the “Festival La Huella de España” [Footprint of Spain Festival] that takes place from the 2nd to 9th of April. The event aims to show how similar the Cubans are to the people from the Canaries, and includes talks, films, a posters exhibition and workshops.


Festival cuba danza espana canariaThat is what the organisers of this event chaired by Alicia Alonso have promised in which this edition will be dedicated to the autonomous community of the Canary Islands.

Moreover, according to the general coordinator, Miriam Vila, the event will continue to defend the founding objective of maintaining Spanish cultural customs and traditions still prevalent in Cuba.

Various artistic displays will come together at the event including music, literature, painting, plastic arts, cinema and dance. Dance will include prestigious performers since the National Ballet will share the stage with the Irene Rodríguez company, the Cuban Television Ballet and dance groups from the Federation of Spanish Societies in Cuba.

For music, standout performers have also been announced like Pancho Amat and his group Cabildo del son, the group Habana clásicos, the group Cantoría coralina, Ivette Cepeda, María Victoria Rodríguez, Niurka Reyes, the soprano Johanna Simón, the pianist Othoniel Rodríguez and the poetry improviser Luis Paz Esquivel, among others.

Festival cuba dnzaThe festival includes talks on Canary Island literature, a film cycle, a panel about the Spanish novelist Benito Pérez Galdós, a posters exhibition on the different editions of the event, and workshops on traditional Canary Island cooking, needlework, and costumes.

According to the Cultural Adviser from the Spanish Embassy in Cuba, Guillermo Corral, traces of the Canary Islands on this Caribbean archipelago are numerous.

The Cuban character, many foods, the language, including the buildings keep that influence, commented an official during a press conference at the Leonor Pérez Cabrera Cuban Canary Association, which will be one of the venues for the event.

Also hosting activities in Havana include the Mella theatre, the National Museum of Fine Arts and the multicine Infanta [cinema].

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