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Birmingham: Women against Trump

The misogyny and sexism of the president of the United States are not welcome here in England. For this reason, on  20 May, women will once again be taking to the streets in Birmingham to make themselves heard.


marcha mujeres contra trumpDonald Trump has changed his position on a number of topics over the years. The size of the government, the amount of taxes and the health system which the United States requires are just some of the areas on which “the world’s most powerful man” repeatedly changes his mind.

His opinions and relationships with women, however, have remained unaltered over the years. Accustomed to bragging about his sexual achievements, not even in the midst of the election campaign did he stop mocking women for their physical appearance.

Thus, in November 2016, the United States not only failed to elect the first female president in its history, but opted for the candidate that represented the exact opposite of these values.

This same man, when consulted by the media, stated that women who have abortions should be subjected to “some form of punishment”. Trump didn’t even think twice about making women who are victims feel guilty.

Not even when his wife and daughter entered the spotlight during the campaign – after coming to power his wife has practically disappeared from the public scene – was Trump freed from his daily battle against practically half of the world’s population.

donald trump youtubeAware that exerting pressure can force changes, women from all over the world have mobilised to express their disapproval. The first march organised since the inauguration, in fact, was one of the biggest in living memory. This was replicated all over the world, with a series of  demonstrations carried out to demonstrate the discontent.

The months are passing but the pressure is not decreasing. The march organised in Birmingham by Abortion Rights and other associations for women for May 20, 2017 rose not only out of opposition to Trumpism, but also in response to the March for Life march, scheduled for the same day in the same city. This latest demonstration, using slogans and ideas originating from the United States, opposes abortion and women’s freedom to decide what they do with their bodies.

For this reason, the women gathered against Donald Trump are faced with this double challenge: on the one hand to demonstrate their majority position for the freedom of choice and, on the other, to reject the policy of the American president.

Date: Saturday 20 May 2017, 11:45 – 14:45. Location: Birmingham Center. More information can be found here.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons   –   (Translated by Shanika Whight)


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