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Looking for answers in an uncertain United Kingdom

The housing crisis, job insecurity and the rights of immigrants are some of the questions that it is difficult to find a concrete answer to. A seminar organised by the Migrants’ Rights Network on 19th April in London will try to address these issues.


la crisis genera pobreza slum Uncertainty surrounding Brexit has made things even more difficult for those who have decided to settle in the United Kingdom. In an age marked by austerity, thousands of immigrants think twice about travelling to a country where things cannot be taken for granted.

The few answers which can be found do not seem to correspond to the infinite number of questions posed by immigrants coming not just from the European Union but from the rest of the world.

Will a definitive immigration system be established in Britain? Once Brexit has taken place will it be possible to change jobs or will migrant workers always be tied to the same employer? Will the NHS continue to provide healthcare to people arriving in the British Isles?

This is why Migrants’ Rights Network has decided to organise a seminar: Housing, employment & migrants’ rights in an age of austerity, an event which will analyse and attempt to answer some of the questions surrounding these issues.

la crisis genera boy water bridge pixThe fears of immigrants are absolutely valid, especially considering the fact that when they arrive in the United Kingdom they see the problems that the British themselves face on a day to day basis.

The housing crisis has seriously affected the population, while the precarious nature of certain jobs does not help in the search for certainty and long term stability.

Among the participants involved in the MRN debate will be Maggie Dewhurst, of the Independent workers union of Great Britain, the trade union which includes mainly low-paid immigrant workers in London. In addition, Dr Omar Khan, the director of the  Runnymede Trust, a think tank dedicated to generating content and proposals for a more diverse United Kingdom.

Sue Lukes an expert in migration, local services and housing and the director of Migration Work CIC amongst others. Finally, Jonathan Portes, an economics and politics professor at King’s College London and the author of a series of articles about the United Kingdom in the time of Brexit will also be present.

la crisis genera aurora europa londresThe discussion will be chaired by the director of the MRN Fizza Qureshi, and prior registration for attendance is recommended.

Date: Wednesday 19th April 2017. From 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Location: Senate Alumni Lecture Theatre, SOAS; Senate House Building, London WC1E 7HU. For more information please click here.

Photos: Pixabay  –   (Translated by Peter Savin)

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