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‘Guerrilla’, the Catalan drama

Through the combination of literature, choreography and visual arts, this work from Spain will be exhibited in Leeds on 21 and 22 April, as part of the ‘Transform Festival’, which is held throughout the city.


Guerrila transform 2Juanjo Andrés Cuervo


Represented by the Catalan theatre company “El Conde de Torrefiel”, this artistic production will premiere in the UK offering pieces that mix literature, choreography and visual arts.

The main aim of this production is to develop the parameters of verbal language and to translate contemporary reality through each of the scenes.

As the press announcement points out, the “pieces are shaped by way of temporal renditions, speeches or circumstantial hypotheses that serve as pickets on the road of a journey that is directed at answering a bigger question: how can contemporary reality be translated on stage?”.

‘Guerilla’ is divided into three acts, which include a conference, a Tai Chi lesson and a rave. This story was developed by Tanya Beyeler and Pablo Gisbert, with participation from the artist Amaranta Velarde, among others.

On this occasion, the theatrical work, which is taking place in the UK for the first time, forms part of the ‘Transform Festival’ in Leeds. During this event, which has been held every year since 2011, performances are presented from the British city and other countries. These acts are performed both in open spaces and inside buildings.

Aside from showcasing performances and artists, the aim of the festival is to celebrate the adventurous and independent spirit of Leeds, and express the social and radical conscience of the North of England.

Historically, this region of the country has demonstrated its discontent with the monarchy on several occasions. In fact, in 1489, the Yorkshire rebellion was sparked as a result of the tax increases issued by King Henry VII to finance the war against France.

Guerrila transformOn that occasion, the monarchy sent an army to the North to defeat the rebels, which finally resulted in the King granting pardons and stopping tax collections. Shortly after, in 1536, the residents of the county of Yorkshire newly rebelled against the royalty, then governed by Henry VIII.

The reasons for this were, among others, increased taxes and the destruction of churches by orders of the King and his adviser, Thomas Cromwell. This started the so-called ‘Pilgrimage of Grace’, whereby northerners marched south to put an end to the situation.

However, the rebels were eventually massacred after being deceived by false promises. Given the historical sense of rebellion against these injustices, this series of events will take place, as it does every year, at the ‘West Yorkshire Playhouse’.

This theatre tries to find different artists from diverse parts of the world, together with local representatives, with the shared aim of expressing themselves dramatically.

One of these is ‘Guerrilla’, which is based on the monoprint by Paul Klee, entitled Angelus Novus, and is sponsored by the Instituto Cervantes, an institution created by the Spanish government in 1991, which aims to promote the Spanish language and culture.

Dates and times: 21 and 22 April at 7.45pm. Location: West Yorkshire Playhouse (Leeds), Playhouse Square Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7UP. More information:, and

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