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Multiculturalism and human rights

On 10 December, 2016 an international scientific Conference dedicated to the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the theme of “Multiculturalism and human rights was held in Baku, Azerbaijan.


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Academics, specialists and research workers in the field of multiculturalism and social sciences, law, political, economic, psychological, educational, and personalities of politics, local government, the representatives of interested institutions and contributing to democratic citizenship education were welcomed to participate in the conference.

The conference was attended by Representatives of international institutions that have supported our work for branch establishment that prepares multicultural education specialists in this field in other programs of study and other branches. Exchanging the ideas and experiences of representatives from different countries and cultures was a significant component and an aim of this conference as well.

azerbaijan-pixabayThe Conference was consist on the Presentations of professionals, researchers, policy makers, Multicultural newspaper’s representatives, International Multicultural Network’s Country Representatives, PhD researchers, organizers, representatives of state institutions or other organizations in areas of interest for the conference.

The conference was opened by the officials and spoke about the multicultural traditions of Azerbaijanis, the measures carried out in the country within “Multiculturalism Year”. Then a video on the theme of “Azerbaijan Tolerance model” was demonstrated.

The scholars analyzed the essence of Azerbaijani ideology in multicultural aspect, the protection of the tradition of multiculturalism in the workplaces and the activity of Azerbaijan Country on this direction.

Multicultural etnico hombre musica raza pixabayThe local specialists and foreign guests presented multicultural environment as a guarantor of human rights and freedoms, the protection of human rights and freedoms and their working mechanism in Azerbaijan and in the world.

Besides of this, they spoke about the role of multiculturalism in the implementation of human rights and the issue of multiculturalism in literary sources and international conventions. The Conference organizers drew attention to the different approaches, views and attitudes to multiculturalism and human rights. At the end of the conference there was an interesting exchange of ideas and many proposals are put forward.

The conference was available with a commission to evaluate abstracts and proceedings, moderator leaders, proceeding publication, and made recommendations for bachelor students, master students and scientific professional, doctoral students who are working on their research. As participants in the conference were invited such as professionals, academics, media representatives and others from Europe and beyond.

Multicultural etnic mesa tejidos cultura pixabayThe Conference participants thanked the Organizing Committee: International Multicultural Network, The Prisma – The Multicultural  Newspaper, Center for International Relations, Programs and Multicultural Education- Israel Gordon College, International Journal of Humanities and Social Development Research, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, New Azerbaijan Party-Youth Council and Azerbaijan Academy of Labour and Social Relations.

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