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Cuba comes to London’s big screen

Four films that revolve around the Cuban revolution and society, form part of CineCuba, a festival that takes place in the UK’s capital between 22nd May and 25th September.


ListaDeEspera_PromocionalFiction and non-fiction. Drama, documentary and comedy. No need to worry about the format as, more importantly, we traverse the Atlantic to familiarise ourselves with the Cuban revolution and how this impacts life on the island.

This is exactly one of the objectives of CineCuba, a festival organised by the North London Cuba Solidarity Campaign (NLCSC) that will be held on the last Monday of the month between May and September. That is how, this year, four films will be shown for free with the intention of sparking debate and analysis of the society and its values and customs, which are so different from those of other places.

The first date is reserved for “The Power of the Weak”, a documentary directed by German, Tobias Kriele in 2016, telling the story of Jorge Jerez. He is a young, Cuban revolutionary born in 1993 in the middle of Cuba’s Special Period, which left him with severe cerebral palsy. Among other issues, the film shows how the Cuban health system has provided him with free health care, in spite of the barrier the country has with the United States. Thanks to the treatment he received, Jorge Jerez is now working as a journalist.

Following on one month later, it is the turn of “Viva Cuba”, a film that premiered in 2005, directed by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti. The film tackles the theme of migration and the effect it has on children leaving family and friends behind.

Vivacuba_PromocionalThe two protagonists are Malú and Jorgito, children from very different societal groups. She is middle class and being brought up by her single mother, whilst his mother is an impoverished socialist and his father an alcoholic.

The third film from CineCuba is “Fidel: The Untold Story”, a documentary by Estela Bravo released in 2001. The director managed to speak with Castro himself amongst other internationally known figures, such as Harry Belafonte, Angela Davis and Nelson Mandela.

Finally, “Waiting List”, from director Juan Carlos Tabío. Directed in 2000, it is a drama/romantic comedy about a group of people waiting for a bus who start getting to know each other more deeply than they ever thought.

Dates: Monday 22 May, 7:30 pm, “The Power of the weak”. Monday 26 June, 7:30 pm, “Viva Cuba”. Monday 31 July, 7:30 pm, “Fidel: The untold story”. Monday 25 September, 7:30 pm, “Waiting list”. Location: Calthorpe Arms upstairs, 252 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8JR. More information here.

Photos: Promotional shots of the films  –  (Translated by Francine Morgan – Email:

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