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Trump and Brexit trigger racism in schools

A study carried out in England reveals that hate incidents and hate crimes increased by 89% amidst the EU referendum campaign and the US presidential election. These are the details.


stop mano pixabayThe questionnaire and required information were sent to 39 British police forces, of which 32 responded and 30 provided comparable data.

It was the most extensive research carried out so far to evaluate the impact of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump on British schools.

Conducted by the Times Educational Supplement, the investigation soon produced revealing figures.

This included an 89% increase in hate crimes and hate incidents during May 2016 compared to the same month the year before.

Between May and July 2016, these figures increased by 54%, coinciding with the last few months of the Brexit campaign and the days following the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union.

This increase continued during the summer and autumn of 2016 as complaints of these crimes motivated by racism rose by 48%. This period corresponds to the outcome of the EU referendum and Trump’s win in the US presidential election.

racismo hate crime odio pixabay“Language that we might consider to be either racist or prejudiced has become more normal and more accepted recently,” said Robert Posner, chief executive of the Anne Frank Trust UK, an organisation that fights against prejudiced behaviour amongst young people.

In fact, during the NUT (National Union of Teachers) Annual Conference 2017, held last month, teachers reported a rise in intolerant behaviour by some students.

If only “hate crimes” are considered and “hate incidents” are not taken into account, it is estimated that 683 instances of this type of crime were carried out in the 30 police areas investigated between summer and autumn 2016. This figure represents a 35% increase from the 505 crimes reported in the same period during 2015.

AGermany refugee story 11 Foto de Pixabaylthough the study directly links these increases to British and US political events, the police have pointed out that they could also be caused by a greater awareness of this scourge.

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