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Defending nature from railway lines

An ambitious rail project is threatening precious green areas encompassing lakes, moors and thousands of trees. “Dance for the trees” will return on 29 May to raise awareness of this danger.


a-tren-camino-sol-tarde-reflex-pixabayA country’s development does not necessarily preclude the protection of its environment, flora and fauna.

That is the opinion of the People’s climate conference, a group that fights against the global warming that could result in the extinction of humanity.

Hence, the organisation is part of a movement seeking to halt the construction of High Speed 2 (HS2), an ambitious project with the aim of building a highspeed railway line to link London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. It would therefore be the second highspeed railway line since HS1, which currently links the British capital with the English Channel.

The goal of HS2 is to start work this year to reach Birmingham in 2026 and Crewe in 2027, before work ends in 2033.

However, critics claim that the rail project jeopardises a series of irreplaceable landscapes. These include Mid-Colne Valley Hillington and Buckinghamshire with its moors, lakes and thousands of trees. HS2 also threatens 2km of the Grand Union Canal.

DanceForTheTreesOpposition groups argue that HS2 violates a number of international agreements signed by the UK government, including among others the Convention on Biological Diversity (Rio de Janeiro, 1992) and part of the Paris treaty of December 2015.

A second version of Dance for the trees has been organised to unite the community around opposition to the project. The event will include discussions, and varied music and shows among other entertainment.

Taking advantage of the fact that it is a bank holiday, organisers hope to bring families together to show their support for areas where people can fish, where boats can be sailed and where there are nature reserves and spaces for the trees that clean the air.

Date: Monday 29 May 2017, noon to 10 pm. Location: Flagmoor Covert, Grand Union Canal Denham Country Park, Middlesex. More information here.

Photos: Pixabay –  (Translated by Roz Harvey)

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