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A banquet of art and culture

Accompanied by the beginning of the summer, London is expecting a kaleidoscope of events in this month ranging from traditional forms of art to multicultural performances especially contributed by Spanish speaking community.


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Bolivar Hall as a cultural branch of Embassy of Venezuela, is a wonderful platform for Latino artists to reveal their talent to the masses. One of the recent featured concerts this site has held was maracas played by an internationally acclaimed Venezuelan musician Manuel Rangel.

By wielding this classic national instrument with his own improvising movements and unique style, Rangel communicated with the viewers through not only the body language of the specialty and originality but his charisma.

Apart from the series of remarkable shows this venue brought previously, on 10th June, a group of brilliant performers including pianist Clara Rodriguez, actor William Roberts are gathering together in memory of the South American revolutionary hero Francisco de Miranda in his Fitzrovia home, Casa Miranda, based in the Hall.

Another upcoming carnival is La Clave Fest on 17th this month. It is a multi-arts celebration taking place both indoors and outdoors, introducing the best music, spectacular, movie, sport, cuisine and arts from the continent.

macho-alfa-alpha-sexy-hombre-2-pixabayStarting from the mid-day, a vast array of activities involving film screening, workshop and parade that are going on throughout the day until 9 pm followed by a salsa and bachata afterparty in Hornsey Town Hall where some top DJs in the town will be joining. Most programs charge no fee to the general public.

If one is looking for a place to go on a Friday night free of Reggaeton, a perfect choice can be Yoyo Borobia’s live on 23rd June at MostArt Centre begins at 7:30 pm.

Being a talented singer and songwriter, she is known as creating melodies that are the composition of many countries all over the world that she has lived and travelled.

Venezuela by birth, she later dwelled in Madrid, Paris and finally settled down in Sao Paulo. Borobia’s songs are not only the mixture of different tongues but more importantly, the mixture of different national musical influences.

On the last Monday of this month, WAAJU is preparing a finest feast for the Jazz lovers in the Cockpit Theatre at 7 pm. It is a London-based ensemble that makes their songs fused with and cover songs for famous West African spirits like Ali Farka Toure, Oumou Sangare, Tinariwen and Baba Sissoko.

clean fuego color pixabay surreThis way of producing sound is termed as groove-centred world Jazz and has a particular focus on the music of Mali. It is a country with various ethnicities and spoken languages and thus deemed as a melting pot that contributes to its significantly wide musical landscape.

Garnished by these colourful cultural elements from Latin America as well as Africa, this city is becoming more and more charming through embracing differences and celebrating diversity.

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