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Praise to forgetfulness

Fanatical fans are from everywhere not only here in this country of crazy, violent, passionate people… without passion, they want to see themselves reflected in the heroic ball-playing characters, but the next day they still don’t agree on anything.


baul rayuela memorias pixabay   Armando Orozco Tovar


Forgetfullness should be in the words to the national anthem: “Oh, unfading forgetfullness! Oh, immortal forgetfullness!” Also in the Lord’s prayer, “Our Father forget that thou art in heaven …” In loving words: “I love you little forgotten one”

Everything should be capitalised with forgetfulness. Schools will soon to leave aside such useless nonsense as teaching the not-so-bright of the poor.

Without that other memory that is forgetfulness, we could not live. How about remembering yesterday’s goal! The faded shirt of last year … that you will get dressed tomorrow. The brutal kick that the kamikazes gave to the chibcha with the oriental face, mistaking them for one of their own.

baul camra fotos viejas memoria 2 pixabayThey all played well but here they forgot the passes, replacing them with cumbia, they knew it, because they “get the ball”, which is what team work is about, provided they forget at the last minute.

It is as if the ball filled with emotion is deflated in the very breath of the celebration.

The world is never as black as when it was happy. Forgetting to prevent suffering to remember what was said…

How are you, that was no like this! We will always live like we are in a stadium grandstand, watching them play, the winning and losing teams.

We are lucky because we also forget the first and last love, to start again to remember together to bottle the second last kiss. Because all good things are made of the substance to forget, the ancients called it Nepentes.

baul memorias atico cosas viejas pixabayI do not know if the woman that gives you that feeling, experienced a certain age, when you remember that you lost the opportunity at that instant: “At nights how it is her that I held in my arms, I kissed her many times under the endless sky …” Damn, but we did nothing!

Life is nothing but a continued forgetfulness. Because what may be eternal memories wearing a tshirt (of all colors) that did not get the dust of the the goal, because during the day, in vain, you shot all the balls at nothing.

Foretfulness is the Alzahimer of saints … From all saints! In a forgetful country loved by the forgetful gods of creation adrift.

So it is with everything. Forgetfulness is there even with the statues in the parks of the independence heroes. Because they are things that will be replaced by footballers, who brought fame and happiness to national chaos.

alzahimer-memoria-viejo-pixabayThe downside is that because of so much forgetfulness, when in the future you ask someone, “Who is this bronze monument?”, someone responds “Simon Bolivar … That great player, from the team, he brought such glory in the long-ago world cup in 2014.


(Photos: Pixabay)

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