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Conservative MPs dismiss concerns from ordinary people

They are failing to acknowledge concerns from non-governmental organisations and their members regarding a softer Brexit and an end to austerity measures. Now with a weakened party post-election, the Prime Minister is left with little mandate to ignore increasing demands and concerns by a large section of the public.


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The results of last week’s election proved to be a surprise to many with no party gaining an overall majority in the House of Commons. One reason for this is that there is now a decrease in support for Theresa May’s policies with Jeremy Corbyn stating that “the mandate [Theresa May] has got is weakened due to lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence.”

38 degrees, a not-for-profit political activism organisation, emerged in 2009 and has been involved in campaigning against a hard Brexit, cuts to the NHS and education to name a few. The organisation now boasts more than 3 million members, with many having contacted their MPs directly so that their voices are noticed and not simply brushed to one side.

Despite great efforts from vast members of the public, Conservative MPs told journalists that they were planning to “ignore the concerns” of 38 Degree-ers, following a private meeting held in London about all the messages they had received by members of the organisation.

Viva Polictika38 Degrees have hit back, clearly stating that “If you try to ignore us, we’ll do even more to fight harder for the things we care about”.

They are not giving up being silenced and as they have already drawn the attention and time of MPs, they are already making an impact.

With the Conservative Party in talks with forming a coalition with the DUP, and Brexit negotiations due to start as soon as possible, there is now more political instability in the UK than has been seen for a long time.

Because of this, 38 Degrees are setting up a post-election fighting fund with a target of raising £100,000 so that they are able to campaign stronger and have their voices heard.

The organisation is accepting donations from the public. Every pound donated can make a difference and help to strengthen ordinary people’s voices being heard in Parliament.

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