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Refugee Tales II … this is not fiction

Being forced to leave one’s motherland due to warfare, political persecution and torturing is nothing pleasant, and it became even more despairing when they arrived in a new country looking for a fresh start only to find themselves indefinitely detained.


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Can you imagine spending 25 years in detention in a foreign country due to the government suppression after fleeing desperately from your homeland or having to hide in a truck to run away from the religious sanction? These misfortunes are actually encountered by some fugitives across the globe.

Through these testimony-based stories, retold by many poets and novelists, the voice of those who are suffering from the trek and subsequent detention can be safely heard by the public. Similar to its first volume is Refugee Tales issued by Comma Press, this book is also applying the style of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to reveal the current plight of this helpless group.

Shami Chakrabarti, a member of the House of Lords, commented “Refugee Tales is a wonderful way of re-humanising some of the most vulnerable and demonised people on the planet. This collection is both challenging and poignant. Readers will surely be moved to force their leaders into action.”

The second anthology has collected twelve stories from affected individual refugees including that of a student, a soldier, a mother… It is expected that the launching of the book will increase the masses’ awareness of this issue and will empower these poor victims. Additionally, profit will go to Kent Refugee Help and The Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group.

Accompanying with the book releasing, there will also be a parade called The Walk of 2017 from Runnymede to Westminster appealing for change in the British law in the favour of susceptible and hopeless immigrants.

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Apart from the activity and publication in support of these expatriates, Refugee Tales project is also intending “to end indefinite immigration detention” by lobbying the politicians, working with refugees and asylum seekers throughout the year and organizing an annual solidarity walk.

All these efforts are delivering a sign: these immigrants are never fighting on their own.

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