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Fighting against US interventionism

A very controversial topic will be the subject of a presentation on July 4 at Elephant & Castle: The intrusion of this northern country into Venezuela and Nicaragua.


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As has been customary in recent times, policies are being intensified against the other nations of Central and South America.

The NICA Law was specifically created so that the United States are able to vote against the loans that the government of Nicaragua seeks before multilateral financial institutions.

This legislature specifies that the American country would only approve international financing to the Latin American nation “for humanitarian reasons or to promote democracy.”

On the other hand, and due to this situation, the government of President Daniel Ortega described the NICA law as “a fatal initiative”.

Taking into account the relevance of these events and with the aim of analysing them, a conference will take place, lead by Pakistani writer Tariq Ali, named “Tariq Ali on Trump & Latin America – Resisting the US Empire”.

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This journalist and film director has been a leading figure on the left since the 1960s, and has written numerous books dealing with world history and politics.

Currently, he is the editor of “New Left Review”, a newspaper that is published every two months and that analyses global aspects such as economics, demonstrations, politics, literature, cinema and social theory, among other subjects.

Together with Tariq Ali, the presentation will be attended by NUT International Secretary Christine Blower, member of the Working Group of Friends of Progressive Latin America, Colin Burgon, and the Nicaraguan Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Guisell Morales, among others.

Apart from issues related to US intrusion into Latin America, Trump’s rejection of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change will also be discussed.

nicaragua“Tariq Ali on Trump & Latin America – Resisting the US Empire” is an event created and organised by Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign, two organizations that fight for the defence of the Latin American continent.

Date and time: July 4 at 6:30 p.m. Address: International Transport Federation House, 49-60 Borough Road, SE1 1DR, Elephant & Castle. More information: here.

Photos: Pixabay and Wikimedia  –  (Translated by Shanika Whight)

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