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Run for a patriarchy-free Colombia

ABC Colombia is organising participatory and dynamic fundraising activities to build an international platform to support Colombian women in their struggle for gender equality.


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Since 1964 Colombia has become the theatre of various kinds of violence and human rights violations.

The main actors of the war have been the local government (with the support of the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain), as well the terrorist paramilitary groups, drug traffickers, and drug cartel and left-wing armed guerrilla groups.

The conflict has been critical not only for the fighters, but also for civilians, recording the second largest wave of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Within this scenario, women have also been the target of a variety of different violations, including violence, exploitation and social marginalisation.

However, after 50 years of asymmetric war the low intensity conflict came to an end with the peace treaty that took place on the 26th of June 2017. The accords represent a unique opportunity for women to fill the gender gap present in the country by working to remove patriarchal values and achieve a sustainable peace.

Cleaners ropa limpiadores colores pixabay  In order to reach this objective, a group of five international NGOs focusing on the promotion of human rights created the project ABC Colombia.

The project is now working on the organisation of an event taking place in November, where the major accomplishment and challenges faced by women during the peace process will be discussed.

In the meantime, the project is posing a challenge to all women: getting involved in a 10 km run to raise funds to help Colombian women to defeat patriarchy. The initiative is called “Running4Women” and will take place on the 23rd of September, in Windsor.

Here there are some details about the challenge. If the runner manages to raise at least £60, ABC Colombia will reimburse the joining fee. Moreover, with more than £100 raised for the cause, the name of the supporter will be included on the project website. To make it even more attractive for the lovers of competition, the person who raises the largest amount will be named as official sponsor on the programme of the women’s conference and will receive a small gift.

artesania-colores-pixabayTo get involved with “Running4Women” supporters willing to accept the challenge need first to register and then send a screenshot of the registration confirmation via email by the 31st of July.

After having confirmed the registration, ABC Colombia will send a sponsorship form in order to start the collection of pledges. This can be done first by asking family and friends, but also by contacting larger sponsors too.

Even if “Running4Women” is an initiative focusing on women, everyone is welcome to join the cause. People are invited to find the most creative way to raise funds to help Colombian women to fill the gender gap.

These include, for example, joining another run to raise money for the initiative, organising bake-sales or other fundraising events, making a donation or simply spreading the word about the project.

Victori flores color fanta pixabayThere are a variety of different activities that can be organised to help Colombian women to achieve gender equality during the peace accords. Any idea or suggestion is valuable to help the project to become reality.

ABC Colombia is an advocacy project organised by CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam GB, SCIAF and Trócaire. These five leading British and Irish organisations are working together to foster peace values and human rights in Colombia with observation by Amnesty International and Peace Brigades International (PBI). More information: and

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