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LSE cleaners rally for colleague

A 72 hour strike from July 12 to 15, aims at the return of Alba Pasmino, who was unfairly dismissed despite having spent more than a decade working at the service of the University.


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After the historic victory of the workers, who – after a seven day stike – have been added to the university’s payroll, are once again out on the streets,  this time for a colleague.

This is the case of the dismissal of Alba Pasmino, from Ecuador, who had been working at the LSE company for 12 years. However, even though she is one of the longest serving members, her loyalty has not been repaid with job security.

And although his reinstatement was one of the main demands on of the employees and members of the union United Voices of the World, it is the only one yet to be resolved.

According to a press release from this union, the reintegration of Alba “would therefore be a great relief to the team. This fact is recognised by Noonan’s newly appointed Account Director who is keen to see Alba’s return, but his efforts to bring that about are being blocked, without justification, by the chest-beating director of LSE Facilities, Allan Blair.”

So, in order to be heard once again, they are prepared to strike coinciding with the graduation of the students.

jUSTICE FOR Cleaners grupo caos rompecabezas pixabayOn her part, Alba Pasmino is also moving decisively to court to denounce Noonan. However, even if the judge stands in his favour, this would not guarantee the immediate reinstatement of her former position in the company.

Undoubtedly, an unjust attack against a 62 year old woman fast approaching  retirement.

Although just another case of discrimination against immigrants in the UK, this strike is a step towards victory and an end to exploitation.

Date: 12 – 15 de julio. Place: The London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, WC2A 2AE London, United Kingdom. More information: website

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(Translated by Gareth Trevor)


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