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A selection of Latin American art, music, theatre and culture will be on stage for 8 weeks to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the festival


acasa 2The “Latin American Theatre Festival” is a project founded by Daniel Goldman to introduce regional drama to the British audience, and build a bridge between the two cultures. The festival is now renowned internationally, and provides support to local artists resident in the United Kingdom.

In order to celebrate 10 years of activity, CASA will organise two months of Latin American art and culture for the public in London. And participants will be able to engage with talks and debates, as well as joining workshops with leading practitioners.

On this occasion, plays from Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Mexico will reach West End theatres. Moreover, “Thebes Land”, winner of the “Best Production Awards”, will be back to the British capital for a five-week run.

The programme also includes “Osmo”. Based on a short story by one of Brazil’s leading female writers Hilda Hilst, this is the tale of a serial killer with literary pretensions. While he is sitting at home in the bath trying yet again to write his memoirs, he receives a phone call from a friend inviting him to a dance. Osmo tells his remarkable story and muses with glorious irony on the aesthetic power of horror.

a casa feaAlso, highlights of CASA 2017 include the remake of two Shakespeare productions: a Chilean interpretation of Othello, and “Mendoza”, a radical re-imagining of Macbeth. The Mexican school will present a play inspired by Genet’s “The Maids”.

The autumn festival is an opportunity to push cultural boundaries and enjoy the meeting of Latin American and British theatre, as the shows presented are from both international companies and home-grown artists.

CASA 2017 will take place on the stages of the Southwark Playhouse and Arcola Theatre; it will run from the 6th of September to the 28th of October.

For more information please visit the CASA website at

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