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USA in Venezuela: intervention, lies, opposition and terrorism

As if an invasion were not the most dreadful violation of people’s human rights, the first step has been taken and the path opened towards what could be armed intervention in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘humanitarianism’.


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The terrorist air attack using a helicopter stolen at La Carlota airport against Venezuela’s Ministry of the Interior, Justice and Peace and the Supreme Court of Justice – shooting and also throwing grenades of Colombian and Israeli origin – shows the desperate course taken by Washington in the face of the unlikelihood of its overthrowing President Nicolas Maduro and ending the Bolivarian revolution.

This action taken on the 27th of June can be seen as a leap in terms of the nature of the conflict which shows the failure of violent ‘protest barricades’ that have left death and destruction in their wake, without achieving their objective and which have been carried out for more than three months without respite.

The helicopter seized from the Scientific, Criminal and Penal Research Corps (Cicpc) was at Francisco de Miranda military airbase (La Carlota, Caracas), which has also been the target of repeated opposition attacks in recent months – as have other barracks.

The perpetrator identified as Oscar Alberto Perez, used his position as inspector attached to the Air Transport Division of Cicpc to hijack the helicopter. Perez declared himself in a video as ‘a warrior of God’, with an entourage armed to the teeth.

Latinoamerica tiene alimentos FEATURED Foto Pixabay 2His terrorist attack which might have left dozens of casualties in its wake appears to some analysts to be a “test” by the enemy, or as President Maduro has called it a ‘’trickle by trickle’’ escalation in the war. It may also be considered an attempt to break the trust of the government-loyal Armed Forces.

One must be extremely careful when talking about Venezuela in this situation, because some ‘advisers’ venture to propose dangerous ‘solutions’ to Maduro as if in fact they knew what the Venezuelan government is facing every day.

So far, as Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada has said, none of those nations that claim to fight terrorism have sent a message to Venezuela. Just as they failed to do so when the scene of a young man, brutally beaten and doused with gasoline by government opponents went around the world. Nor are they responding to other similar cases and brutal killings, such as are taking place in Syria.

This is terrorism, as are the alleged peaceful demonstrations, which have never been ‘peaceful’ (forgive the redundancy) in which anti-government ‘demonstrators’ not only declare that they are acting to overthrow the democratically elected government – in other words, they are actually the protagonists of an attempted coup –  but also use Colombian mercenaries and paramilitaries to trigger the violence.

a venezuela latinoamerica suramerica pixabayIn reality, these groups are commanded by the “special” US troops stationed in North American bases in Colombian territory; in the famous CIA foundations and its non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which not only distribute money to the Venezuelan opposition, but also everything that the allegedly peaceful demonstrators use such as helmets, gas masks and alleged homemade weapons.

Let’s imagine for a moment one of these ‘peaceful’ demonstrations with its hit squads moving towards the White House or towards Spain’s governmental palace, or in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina or elsewhere. Are they going to be allowed to carry out their goals, launching fire bombs at government and public buildings, health centres and other public institutions?

Let’s go one further: the dozens of deaths that the opposition violence has caused are attributed to the Maduro government when in reality numerous police officers and members of the National Guard have been killed, and most of the victims are indeed not opponents of the government.

The brutal action of the Venezuelan mass media is a vital part of the counterinsurgency war being staged in Venezuela. Their lies and those spread globally by the media of the imperialist power are as criminal as the weapons used by hit squads that have facilitated hundreds of terrorist attacks.

From the seat of true international terrorism, Washington, they also speak of “the lack of freedom of expression” when the media controlled by the economically powerful in Venezuela has been key and continues to be so, acting as a war unit, and behind all violence carried out in the country.

El sueño americano 2The image of destroyed buildings, the theft of millions of dollars’ worth of food, medicine and gasoline brought over to Colombia in order to deplete the Venezuelan people’s supplies and blame the government of ‘economic failure’ and of wearing down the population; the terrorist attacks throughout the country on electricity lines, refineries and other places; and the destroyed universities, as well as state institutions, have all worsened since the attempted coup called ‘The Way Out'(La Salida) in early 2014. Its leader Leopoldo López announced at that time that they were not leaving the streets until they had overthrown Maduro and he is now considered by the US and its allies as a ‘political prisoner’. López is responsible for nearly fifty deaths and thousands of casualties. Add to this what has happened in recent months, as described in the previous paragraph, and you understand the absolute lie and hypocrisy of calling these exploits ‘peaceful marches,’ which we have seen so clearly in Ukraine, Syria and Libya, creating the conditions for the constant escalation of violence in the streets and the sowing of death, destruction, chaos and economic ruin to justify the unjustifiable: the invasion of these countries.

Amidst all this and the tragedy in the Middle East, Maduro’s government has withstood the most brutal economic and media war. In the middle of such resistance, the president and his team reached agreement with other members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), on a new price plan for the country which allowed for greater balance in the middle of the empire’s counterinsurgency attack.

war on terrori guerra contra 2 pixabayThe price of the barrel which had fallen to some 19 dollars in January 2016 – as a result of the empire’s action – rose to some 50 dollars in May 2017. This allowed for an increase in the production of food and other basic products necessary for the population.

Of course, the media covered up these achievements on a variety of fronts in the middle of the war and the change helped during this period when we were witness to organized marches in defence of the Venezuelan government – which were the most important and biggest in recent years but were concealed by the media and the dictatorial empire internationally. This is also how it works when it comes to Washington, its allies and the Secretary General of the OAS, LuIs Almagro, calling on the Venezuelan government to end the ‘repression’ that is in reality merely a case of the former exercising its legitimate right to defend itself.

They blatantly lie to the world about so-called ‘peaceful demonstrations’ and ‘grave human rights violations’ – phrases meted out whenever they want to remove popular governments. (PL)

Photos: Pixabay  –  (Translated by Nigel Conibear – Diptrans IoLET MCIL –

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