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Our immoral silence in the face of Iraq’s genocide

Since the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, to this day the bombings and deaths have not stopped. Furthermore the war has reached all surrounding areas, apart from Israel where it is promoted. No one knows when it will all end.


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Luis Manuel Acre *


There are many sad and worrying issues in this dark and tragic period in human history, but the most regrettable is the impunity of those who generated this war and the world’s tolerance of this despite them declaring so.

The Iraq war was sewn together by Bush and his associates in the oil industry, like Halliburton, through immense deception, due to economic and strategic necessity, this before the current fracking venture that reinvigorated oil supplies for the United States, when national production was at crisis point.

The ever-bewildering events of 9/11, occurring in the Big Apple in 2001 with the fall of the Twin Towers, came like manna from heaven to fuel Bush’s plans with the oil companies, which were set in motion since the first Iraq invasion in 1991 by Bush Senior and accelerated by the contribution of Saddam Hussein’s failures.

Irak war pixabay 2 guerraIt was recently that Liberation Theologian, Leonardo Boff, asked how we can come to terms with the terrifying lack of conscience of the corrupt, to which he also added, ‘and the murderous’.

Iraq’s infamy should be placed at the epicentre of this universal reaction, not only surrounding this lack of conscience of the corrupt and murderous, who react only in the face of the ambitions and longings of the ruling class, but mainly in the universal failure to notice crimes against humanity and against culture, committed with complete awareness of the motives, premeditation and treachery of it all. The inner workings of both Bush Senior and Junior’s performances, resemble what is well-explained by Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez in his article ‘Ethics between Post-truth and Noble lies’, in which he defines the former as ‘an emotive type of lie made in order to manipulate ‘public opinion’…in order to skew the facts to the sensibilities of the manipulator’.

And he adds that ‘it is the lie that dispenses with the facts and kneels before the interests of what is said, to reverse (pervert) the relation between knowledge and hearsay.

Irak pixabayThe knowledge becomes a product of what is said and not the opposite. The reality becomes a hindrance or a superfluous, or unnecessary, anecdote of the statement. A ‘rhetorical’ symbol is more important than the real truth’.

The current generation will remember all the propagandist paraphernalia about the supposed weapons of mass destruction of Hussein’s government, and the terrible drama unfolding with the public appearances of George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney, all linked to the oil industry, because of the purchase of pipelines in Nigeria to enrich Uranium, and the acceleration of nuclear plans, all a massive falsehood.

The CIA were involved as a source of information, although their agents deny this, and at no point did they present proof of their atrocious claims because the lies are comparable to a so-called dictatorship of beliefs imposed by policies of terror.

Irak pixabay 3It is astonishing how they all come to the lectern to lie, from Bush and Tony Blair in the UK, up to José Maria Aznar in Spain, with the aim to destroy all those who contradict them and impose a culture of hatred towards a community that were awaiting a hellish holocaust, one to be presented by the mainstream media like a fictitious film and not a massacre, in an culture of obliviousness, technological prowess and triumph.

Although the lies were uncovered and they didn’t find weapons of mass destruction, nor were there any sightings of plans for nuclear projects, as well as Halliburton succeeding with two years of projections of 16 million dollars, plus the distribution of Iraqi oil by magnates, in addition to Bush not delivering the democracy that he had stated, despite this, the world accepts the crimes in Iraq.

It is of no significance that psychological trauma affects every 2 in 5 Iraqis, nor that more than 2 million young people have been widowed, or that 75% of children have abandoned any form of schooling and have become exposed to prostitution or slavery, nor that in 10 years of US occupation 1.6 million Iraqis have been displaced from their homes and 151,000 civilians have been assassinated for other reasons, the world continues to turn a blind eye to the crime in Iraq.

The west Irak soldado pixabayBut the most serious thing is that this Noble Lie has no limits. The world knows what is happening in Venezuela.

There is evidence of all kinds of the violent crimes committed by the far right in order to create a climate for civil war and initiate a foreign military invasion under the colonialist flags of the Organization of American States.

But the great international press, the very same which demonised Hussein’s Iraq, is blaming the acts of violence on Nicolás Maduro and trying to damage the unity and joining together of the armed forces rooted in Bolívar.

Imitating Fernando Buen Abad, Venezuela cannot be the Iraq of Latin America. The Noble Lie, based in immorality, cannot once again be exploited by someone and even less so by governments devoid of principles, who treacherously deface reality as if giving out a grade.

Irak pixabay 4Irrational fundamentalism cannot continue immune, making believe what is false is real, as President Trump does.

There should be limits to how much evil we tolerate, but on the other hand we should ask ourselves not about the conscience of the malevolent and of the murderers, but of the humanity that allows these crimes to take place. (PL). *Editor of Prensa Latina

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