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Time for a British piano trio

This August, a Cuban pianist is about to light up London with her passionate Latin music accompanied by three talented musicians. This city will also be the only stop in the UK for her tour this year.


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Ronnie Scott’s international piano trio festival is expecting its fourth annual celebration from August 21 to August 26. It aims at not only showing the audience the range of pianists’ tunes but at recognizing the essential role piano trio plays in jazz innovation and jazz tradition.

One of the featured performers is Marialy Pacheco. She attended and won a piano competition when she was only 18 years old. Chucho Valdes, the judge of that competition, thinks her “the greatest of young piano talents”.

At the age of 30, Pacheco moved to Germany and started to tour Europe. Although, by that time she was already a growing world-famous profile, her virtuosity was not fully discovered and developed until she began to work with her trio.

Ronnie ScottAfter releasing several solo albums during her career, Marialy found out that playing in her trio really made her music take off.. When Latin, Cuban folk, jazz, classical tradition as well as other types of art meet, together they create a unique combination in enriching or even creating the sound.

At Jazzahead 2013 festival in Bremen G  ermany, she played El Manisero, arguably the best-known melody from her hometown, in a trio including a cello player and a drummer, which produced an extraordinary lively and bright jazz-flavoured, tone. This generated a new way of interpreting the music compared to other versions.

In the upcoming concert, this Cuban artist is going to work with an Amsterdam-based musical group, Tin men and the telephone, who are good not only at composing by adopting live electronics and projected visuals, but also improvising and involving audience participation. Through the lenses of jazz and classical music, they bring the spectators a multimedia experience.

Place: Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, 47 Frith Street, W1D 4HT, London. Date: August 22. Time: Door open: 6 pm. Marialy Pacheco Trio: 7.30 pm. Tin Men and the Telephone: 9.15 pm. For more information:

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